Monday, 29 April 2013

A - Z APRIL 2013 - Y

(Neighbour on the other side of Bill and Ellen)

Yvonne was glad she decided to come out tonight
She needed a bit of laughter after such a fight
It wasn’t worth it some days she thought
She should know by now there was no comfort
Making friends isn't easy and she tries so hard
Sometimes it’s like wading through a lump of lard
What does it take to be accepted?
When you’re considered to be slightly eccentric
She wasn't different or strange
She was unique and too old to change
Her life was what it was and not that bad
She saw others all happy and felt sad
Then she picked herself up and dusted herself down
Next week she’d arranged a trip on the train to town
Perhaps Harrods or the Ritz for tea
Oh, dream on girl, dream on you silly-Billy.



  1. It never hurts to dream a little.


  2. Even those unique/eccentric people who are strong enough to stay true to themselves desire companionship. So this poem makes me feel sad even though Yvonne is hopeful.

  3. I agree with Kathy. We all need our dreams. :)

  4. It made me a little sad that she was still struggling to be accepted- nothing wrong with being eccentric.

  5. It's all about finding soemthing to appreciate and going for it! Nancy at Welcome to she said, he said

  6. Love the tea set.

    Maybe one day she will get to have tea at the ritz or harrods...

  7. I have really enjoyed your posts and can't wait to see what Z brings tomorrow!

  8. We all dream. My aunt had a tea set similar to the one above.

  9. Sounds like she's rather original!

  10. Her dreams give her comfort so I hope she never stops.