Thursday 29 April 2021


CFFC: Natural Light vs Man Made Light

This week’s CFFC topic is Natural Light vs Man Made Light.

Here is my choice this week:

Clear blue sky

Evening sunshine

Lights in alcove

Neighbour's decorated house for Christmas

Friday 23 April 2021


CBWC: Toys for All Ages

This week our topic is Toys for All Ages..

Here is my selection:

Rag doll

Gaming headphones and controller

Chess on the lawn

Play area in pub garden

Tornado in a glass jar

Thursday 22 April 2021



Freedom Morning is a watercolour by Claude Clark, the African American artist and art educator, painted in 1941.


She shook her head in dismay

When would he take her seriously?

Dismissing her thoughts so airily

He might be the big shot at his office

But he didn’t have to be so callous.

His clothes were laundered and pressed

She massaged his shoulders when he was stressed

His dinner was always hot and nourishing

She’d spend all day tidying and cleaning

Now she wanted to go out to work

Starts work as a part-time clerk

She sees the kids off to school

Takes her turn at the car pool

Returns home by four

Quickly mops the floor

Does the laundry

Longing to be free

A few more years

Lots more secret tears

Babies grow into teenagers

They still need a chauffeur

Promoted at work

No longer just a clerk

In charge of a group of people

Her mind and brain more agile


It won’t take long

Before she is gone

The last laugh will be on her

As she walks out of the door.


Word count: 166

Wednesday 21 April 2021


CFFC: Shiny

This week’s CFFC topic is Shiny.

Here is my selection:

Lovely shiny nails

Shiny butterfly paper

Friday 16 April 2021


CBWC: Smaller than a Bread Box or Bread Bin

This week our topic is Smaller than a Bread Box or Bread Bin.

Be creative if you feel like it, and fun with this challenge this week. Remember your photos needs to be black and white, desaturated, sepia (brown tones) or selective color.  

Here is my selection:

Various old fashioned kitchen utensils at Bateman's house in East Sussex

Trio of mushrooms

Place setting

Two fairies on a bench

Small pot of strawberry preserve 

Wednesday 14 April 2021


CFFC: Textures

This week’s CFFC topic is Textures.

Here is my selection:

Cannula covers

Hair bands
Teddy bear

Saturday 10 April 2021


CBWC: Beginning with the Letters B or W

This week our topic is Beginning with the Letters B or W.

Here is my selection:

Car park sign in a shopping outlet

A rural pub in Kent called The WHEEL Inn

Nelson BREWERY Shop

WATER- the moat at Leeds Castle

Another view of the WATER in the moat at Leeds Castle

Grandson -BOY - looking at the seaside looking at the WATER

Wednesday 7 April 2021


CFFC: Size Comparison of Objects

This week’s CFFC topic is Size Comparison of Objects.

Here is my selection:

Big ship and little boat

Seagull on post

Little and large steam engines

Friday 2 April 2021


CBWC: Things found on a Picnic Table or in a Park

This week our topic is Things found on a Picnic Table or in a Park.

Here is my selection:

Seagull on a picnic table

Picnic on a bench 

Picnic benches
Grandson and aeroplane exhibit Radnor Park, Folkestone

Rather wet gentlemen sat at park benches