Tuesday 22 May 2012

On Daddy's Knees

May 2012
As usual you have 100 words to add to these to create a piece of writing. You can use any genre. Please make sure it is suitable for a PG certificate.
….The flame flickered before….


He is perched safe and secure on his daddy’s knees
As the flame flickered before his baby blue eyes
The glowing effect mesmerising his young mind
Colours wavering, patterns dancing, shapes undefined
Tongues of flames the same colour as his red hair
With its copper tints, shining golden hues and sunshine flair
The crackles and pops and hisses as the heat ignites
Nuggets of coals, the smell of the firewood, sparkling firelight
Father and son’s love sealed at this moment in time
Generation to generation in times to come
A treasured relic of their shared history
A homespun fire to make the loveliest memory.

Thursday 17 May 2012

RFW Challenge No 39 Appreciating the Zealotry


Well it's time for APPRECIATING THE ZEALOTRY. The purpose of this challenge is to re-post a favourite post you wrote in April that perhaps many people did not get to read due to the craziness of the month. It doesn't have to necessarily be a romantic post - just go with your favourite, whatever that was - a story, a post about writing, a guest post

This is my personal favourite


Daddy’s girl is in pain
Wishing for his love in vain
She is so disappointed
At always being bated
Reviled and hated
For being related

Her love has been blighted
Thrown away and discarded
His fickle emotions flaunted
Fleeting and unspoken

Blood is not thicker than water
You won't fight for your daughter
They’ve fought this battle and won
Will you fight to keep your son?

The thought of not being wanted
Turned against, words slanted
Try as she might
She has no more fight

She gave and gave and gave
Until there is no give left anymore
She’d take him back with open arms
But he won't give up the other’s false charms

There is only so much pain to endure
They are all so cocksure
But in the end she has no allure
Compared to those who are more immature

To lose her father isn’t her fault
But she is battered from the assault
Hoping against hope he will realise his mistake
And reach out to mend her heartache.

K is for Kathryn

Wednesday 16 May 2012

Apple of Her Eye

Apple of Her Eye
Another Challenge to hone my writing skills

Week #42

She looked out of her kitchen window at her cottage garden
Tied round her waist was her favourite yellow apron
She fumbled with thick fingers to untie the bows
Her knuckles enormous now and forever aching.
Just because he’d been to the Empire State building
How could her grandson, the apple of her eye
Christen his first born child, a daughter, Liberty
She hoped this adorable child of her child
Would have the freedom her name implied
To do what she wanted with her life
She opened the door to call them inside
Come and sit down by the fireside.

Friday 11 May 2012


Unfortunately I missed the deadline (due to work commitments) for this challenge from Romantic Friday Writers but I'll post it here anyway.
Here is the challenge:

·         You must respond to the stimulus in some way.
·         From the image, choose who will be your viewpoint character.
·         Place your character/s in one of the following settings:
* a nightclub
* last day of high school/college
* at a carnival/festival
* a private party
* an exotic island
* audition for a part in the latest Romeo + Juliet production
* a combination of two or more of the above settings...
Word limit is up to 600
Entries are to contain some element of romance (it doesn't have to be HUGE).  Please, no outright erotica, gratuitous sex, gay romance is permitted if tastefully drawn.  Paranormal if fine if there is romance involved.

My viewpoint character is the girl with her back to us.

She painted the smile on her face with bright red lipstick
Concealed the shadows under her eyes thinly, not thick
A dusting of blended eye shadow to widen her eyes
To give an air of being knowledgeable and worldly wise
Lush, long, lascivious lashes enhanced with black eyeliner
Gave an exotic look, lengthened and edged with tints of copper.

As she sprayed her perfume, intoxicating and heady
A provocative, powerful aroma worth every penny
She sighed deeply, recalled the conversation to invite her
As her unadorned fingers rummaged in the box among her jewellery.

No excuses her best friend Melanie had insisted over coffee
The limousine is booked, just nod your head and agree
She wrote it on the calendar with two weeks to prepare herself mentally
To draw a line, close the chapter, finish the book finally.

Now the time had come, she’d make the best of it as always
She knows all about the brave face, best foot forward clich├ęs
Melanie placed a fortifying glass of red wine by her elbow
Just right to steady her nerves and make her feel mellow.

She reached out to the stand, touched the wig lightly with her finger
Nail varnish, applied earlier, caught the light sparkling like a chandelier
She was used to the weight on her head but this one felt so much lighter
The curls were so tight, somehow the artificial glow made it brighter.

They looked at each other and took a deep breath, nodded and advanced
To the waiting chauffeur who doffed his cap, opened the door and glanced
At their long legs as they slid elegantly into the plush leather seats
Then the nervous giggles started as the music thumped out its beats.

The room was humming with conversation, subtle notes could be heard
Nobody stopped, nobody turned as the girls entered and surveyed
The couples together, singles pretending, wall flowers and groups of socialites
All positioned strategically, they stopped taking in the highlights.

A charity event, a private party, invitation only so no-one was supposed to be lonely
They all knew, they all had felt, they all knew someone on this journey
So the last person she expected to see stood by the bay window framed by the light
The shock was so great she nearly turned and took flight, why tonight of all nights?

He looked so handsome, so suave and sophisticated, diplomatic and brave
Her heart skipped several beats; her tummy somersaulted as she smelt his aftershave
He espied her, smiled, stepped forward, catching her eye, she was frozen, a statue
The strength of emotions assailed her, forgotten feelings as she looked at Andrew.

He took her hand, pulled her into his body, cheek against cheek
She remembered, she felt, she forgave, she felt free, she felt so weak
There was nothing she could do as she returned his tight embrace
She whispered to him, her voice filled with love, lightness and grace.

Melanie looked on as Ruby melted in to his strong arms, she uttered
Silent prayers of thanks to those responsible in the universe for what occurred
She smiled knowingly as she saw the pair move together, fluid in their movement
United as they should be and would be forever more in this time now present.

Midnight rang out, the dancing ceased; people bowed their heads for a minute
Sometimes the fates were just a lottery, so maybe unfortunate
They remembered those who had lost their fight, those who continued to do battle
Railing against the illness but always ready with hope to be saved by angels.


Monday 7 May 2012



It’s done and dusted, packed away safely
Words were written freely and bravely
Saved in files, in drawers and on hard discs
Remember to enter them on to memory sticks

Allowed to be seen by many worldwide
Eagerly looking to see who replied
Grateful for every comment submitted
Busy people were so committed

Technophobia overcome by necessity
That verification thing much too wordy
Turn it off please, please, please
We want to read your blog with ease.

I was a first timer, a novice,
A learner, feeling cautious
No need to worry or fret
My words had found their outlet

Gratitude and thanks don't seem to be enough
For the work and effort in a job so tough
The challenge ran smoothly and seamless
Due to dedicated, diligent hosts and hostesses.


Wednesday 2 May 2012

A Month of Meditation

For the month of May I have accepted the challenge of meditating every day (for as little or as long as I can).

Tuesday 1st May:
This is what happened:

I've only ever meditated in a group setting before with someone 'talking' me through the journey and then 'bringing' me back.  So I decided I would try for five minutes and see how it went.  I grounded myself in my office chair, feet firmly planted, slowed my breathing, tried to cut out the extraneous noises from inside and outside the house and tried to clear the clutter from my mind.   I was aware of the hum of the computer and used it as a focus against all the other noises. 
When I came out of the meditation and looked at the clock the total time was eight minutes.  So I think I succeeded!  I did feel more refreshed for the rest of the day so I will attempt it again today.