Tuesday, 16 April 2013

A - Z APRIL 2013 - N

(Local dairy farmer, specialising in Guernsey cows, husband of Ursula)

Nelson heaved himself off the tractor and scratched his head
His flat cap tilted slightly at an angle as he walked to the cowshed
His healthy herd of Guernsey cows kept his niche market supplied
They paid slightly extra for premium milk from the countryside
They thought it was nostalgic hearing his rural burr and accent
Some months it was hard to scrape enough to pay the rent
To diversify he also sold free range eggs from the chickens
Who were allowed to roam free but wouldn't earn him millions
He was lucky to know the old country ways
He could look at the sky and tell the weather for the coming days
Older traditions were fast declining
Some old timers would still turn their hand to poaching
He finished his tea from his thermos flask
Climbed back on to his tractor and continued his task.


  1. What a good, hardworking man! Enjoyed this—and the photo. :)

  2. It's tough to make a living, sometimes....but he seems like he's scraping by :)

  3. I sort of like a character who sticks to the old ways.

  4. I enjoyed that. Wouldn't mind buying a few of his free range eggs.

  5. Sometime the old ways are the best ways.

  6. There is a certain way of life that's disappearing with mass production farming. Hope Nelson can hang in there!

  7. It is sad to see the old ways dying out. ):

  8. Smart man to go with Guernsey. When I was growing up the local dairy that supplied the grocery stores was "Birchards" and I believe the milk was from Guernseys. "Golden Guernsey"