Thursday 31 October 2013


IT'S SCARY TIME! ! It's Halloween month! It's an exciting time! Share the excitement!
Write...Edit...Publish invites you to sign up for HAUNTING OCTOBER! You can scare us, make us laugh, make us cry...your choice. PLEASE JOIN US!
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SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT! There will be a PRIZE of a $10 Amazon Gift Card for the entry of Denise's choice. She will be looking for the most creative, most riveting, most eye-popping entry to receive this award. Or simply the entry that impresses her most.

Open to all genres - Fiction works can be - Adult, YA, MG. All entries maximum 1,000 words

Here is my entry:

Charlie, stop it please.

The tugging on her skirt became more urgent.  Janna gave in and stopped what she was doing and gave Charlie her full attention.  

The image of a ragamuffin ten year old child, cheeky grin lighting up his face, a misty aura glowing about his head and body.  Charlie loved it when she acknowledged him.  He was so lonely without his family.  Janna put her hands on her hips, tilted her head and raised her eyebrows at him.  

Be careful driving today, miss.

I’m always careful, Charlie. You know I take care on the roads. 

I have a feeling miss.

OK Charlie, you win, I’ll be very careful driving.  Janna tried to keep the sarcasm out of her voice.  

She thought back to a year or so ago, when she first became aware of Charlie.  Her girlfriend had persuaded her to attend a Spiritualist Meeting; she’d said it would be fun to see people acting stupidly.  Sarah came away laughing at everybody; Janna came away with a strange feeling.  The medium had ‘come’ to her during the clairvoyance part of the service and had told her that she had a spirit with her.

Yeah right, she thought cynically.  Me. Me, who doesn't even believe in God, has a spirit with me.  Please, pull the other leg; it’s got bells on it.  

They’d gone to the pub for a drink afterwards, a Saturday evening, only nine o’clock, it was far too early to go home.  Sarah downed her white wine while deriding everything from the meeting, usually Janna’s cynicism matched Sarah’s but this evening Janna was troubled.  

‘Surely you don't believe in all that stuff,’ said Sarah.  ‘Anyway,’ she sniffed scornfully, ‘they didn't have a message for me, did they? I’m the one that has all the stuff happen to me.’

‘What are you on about?’

‘You know, I can't find things when I know I’ve put them somewhere safe.’

Janna laughed, ‘but that’s just you Sarah, you’re a scatter brain and always have been.  Now finish that wine and let’s call a taxi.’

Driving carefully to the supermarket Janna kept her eyes peeled and her concentration high.  Those lights were on green but should she slow down just in case they turned red?  

Oh Charlie, sometimes you do play with my mind.  

She managed to navigate through the supermarket aisles with no incidents or mishaps. As she loaded the groceries in to the boot of the car she noticed one of the bags had a stain on it.  

‘Oh that’s just great,’ she exclaimed to herself.  A dozen eggs had managed to crack and leak all over everything. 

Charlie, you little scamp, did you do this?’

She heard a childish giggle.  Shaking her head gently Janna drove home just as cautiously.  She didn't know how she lived with Charlie.  He was a lost soul, a lovable, mischievous child.

Janna finished unpacking the groceries, cleaned up the mess from the broken eggs, just as her parents arrived for their weekly visit.  She heated milk ready for the coffee while they waited for the kettle to boil.  She turned to speak to her mum and saw Charlie just about to touch her mum’s head.

Charlie!’ she admonished under her breath.

‘What did you say, darling?’ asked her mother.

‘Coffee is nearly ready,’ she replied quickly, frowning and shaking her head at Charlie.

Her mum brushed her hand on her hair, smoothed a curl back in to place, picked up the tray and took it through to the living room.  Charlie bounded in front of her, nearly tripping her up, laughing and giggling all the time.

‘Behave Charlie,’ Janna thought she whispered.

‘Oh you’re not doing that mumbo jumbo stuff again, are you Janna?  You know you really are too old to have an imaginary friend.’  Her mum was always critical of everything she did or believed.

Her dad looked at her strangely, Janna was sure he gave her a wink behind his wife’s back.

Janna didn't hear or see Charlie for the rest of the day.  There was no rhyme or reason to his appearances and disappearances and she had to admit she missed him when he was gone.  He was a little scamp at times, hiding things, moving things for days on ends, even playing with the lights but knowing it was Charlie she wasn’t frightened any more.  

Her husband, Doug, returned from work. They talked about their days while they ate supper.  Janna told Doug about Charlie messing about this morning.  She was aware of Charlie’s presence as she spoke about him.  Then Charlie did something he had never done before. 

He kissed her on her cheek; Janna’s hand flew up to her face tracing the gossamer touch.  She watched him transfer his attention and affection to Doug sitting opposite her.  Charlie sat down next to Doug and started rubbing his shoulder.

‘What’s the matter?’  Doug asked her. 

‘Charlie’s left me.’

Doug raised his eyebrows, a forkful of food halfway to his mouth.  His hand jerked and he dropped the fork.

Charlie giggled.

‘He wants to play with you.’  Janna wasn't sure how Doug would take this news.  He was such a straightforward, pragmatic bloke and although he had believed her when she told him tales of Charlie he didn't believe in ghosts and spirits or things from the netherworld.

Charlie brushed his hand over Doug’s bald head and passed his hands across Doug’s face.

Doug brushed his face and shuddered slightly. 

‘Charlie is doing that.’  Janna could still see Charlie.  She felt sad, she knew it was probably the last contact she would have with the lovable little imp.

‘I can't see him.’  Doug shrugged it off.

‘You will, probably when you least expect it, definitely when you don't want to.  Be aware that he will mess with you but he isn't malicious.  He’s just a little lost boy who needs male company.’

Charlie peeked over Doug’s head, winked at Janna and disappeared.

Word count: 997


Saturday 26 October 2013

The House

With the oncoming of the spookiest holiday of the year, Jackie @ Bouquet of Books and Dani @ Entertaining Interests are bringing sexy back – er – SPOOKTOBERFEST back this October. They had a great turnout last year and gave away some amazing prizes!

2013 Requirements:

1. Follow - Dani and Jax, if you don’t already. They love meeting new bloggers, and they do follow back.

2. Your Flash Fiction piece should be between 300 - 500 words. 
It can be scary, funny, action-packed, romantic, or whatever you choose. 
Just let your creativity flow!

3. You must choose 3 of the 6 words listed below to include in your flash fiction piece…


4.  Highlight those 3 words in your story so we can find them.

5. Choose at least 1 of the 4 pictures below to BE THE SETTING for your flash fiction piece.

 This is the picture I chose to go with my story.


This was the house in the country that Dan’s godfather, an eccentric old geezer had left to Dan according to his Last Will and Testament.  Probate was settled.  They booked an afternoon off work, collected the keys from the estate agent’s office on Thursday 31st October, Halloween or All Hallows Eve and set off. 

The property was half an hour’s drive away from town, Louise suggested they go for a coffee before leaving but Dan insisted they’d get the drinks to take-a-way in those stupid polystyrene cups that always burnt your fingers. 

Louise snuggled down in the comfortable leather seats of the Lexus as Dan programmed the Tom Tom.  The engine purred along city lanes restricted by traffic flow and speed limits. The trials and tribulations of work diminished as country lanes opened up before them. Louise began to feel a bit calmer.  She glanced over at Dan, who smiled back at her briefly before concentrating on the road ahead.

Half a mile to go, the disembodied female voice intoned through the car console.  They both took a deep breath and then laughed at each other for being so silly.  

‘Well it doesn't look too bad from the outside.’  Dan pulled up outside the gates and switched the car engine off.  Louise opened the car door, stepped along the path and leant forward to unlatch the wrought iron gate.  Dan caught her arm impeding her action. 

‘Let me go first.’

The gate creaked ominously, Dan grinned, ‘WD40 needed on that!’  Always the practical chap, Louise smiled and let him go first.   Dusk was beginning to fall, an eeriness descended on the cottage stuck as it was in the middle of nowhere, the surroundings looking unreal and rather alien to the city girl who didn't do darkness in strange areas. 

Dan unlocked the front door, pushed it open with gentle force, the wooden frame protesting as the swollen timbers grated and creaked.
Mustiness enveloped their senses as they entered the dingy hallway.  Louise glanced up a dark stairwell, peeling plaster and wallpaper strips hanging down from the walls.  She shuddered slightly, a shiver coursing down her back. Dan flicked the light switch on the wall, no power. 

Louise routed around in her handbag for her mini torch she always kept in there for emergencies, panicking when she couldn't find it.  The twilight was fading fast; she turned to speak to Dan who was nowhere to be seen.

She called his name.  She called again.  She heard floorboards creaking above her.  A chill wafted across her body.  She turned towards the stairs; put her hand on the manky banister, gritting her teeth against the feel of the damp wood and years of ingrained dirt.

She jumped about a mile in the air as Dan touched her shoulder and spun her around.  He shone his Maglight in her face.

‘Dan, you horrible wretch! I’ll get you back for that,’ she threatened as she fell into his safe manly arms.

Word count: 498