Sunday 20 January 2013


It is time for the first RomanticFridayWriters challenge of 2013. 
The theme this month is "out with the old, in with the new".  
We have 1,000 words or less to show intent, not outcome.

Here is my contribution:

As Big Ben struck midnight, fireworks exploded in the night sky
People were pushing and jostling each other good naturedly
The noise levels in the hotel ballroom grew louder and louder
Everybody started linking arms, started singing, smiling with great humour
Auld Lang Syne was belted out with many mixed accents not one Scottish

Ellen looked for her cousin but couldn't see him in the crowded venue
She joined in the fun, crossed her arms and grabbed at a hairy tattoo
A girlish laugh escaped her lips as coloured streamers fell from the ceiling
Landing on heads, tickling noses, carpeting the floor, a myriad of colours merging

The music died, the dancing came to an end as the night was concluding
Bringing them all back to some sort of reality as the minutes started ticking
Away at the beginning of the New Year, Ellen wondered lay in store for her
A deep masculine voice interrupted her musings and ponderings sending a shiver
Along her trembling body, obviously only the after effects of her energetic dancing

Her cousin Andrew appeared out of nowhere and interrupted the moment laughing
‘My dear I’ve been looking all over for you,’ he said looked at her companion adding
A nod as he outstretched his hand, ‘Hello Tommy, how are you my dear fellow?’
‘Andrew!  Long time no see, old chap,’ he replied clasping Andrew’s hand and his elbow.

Ellen realised the two men knew each other and she raised her eyebrow quizzically
‘Sorry cuz,’ said Andrew, ‘we go way back to our training days in the Army.’
The men exchanged numbers as Andrew began to usher them out to a waiting taxi
The cold night air punctuated their words, there was no way they’d feel drowsy
Calls of goodnight and laughter and Happy New Year rang out as the cabs departed
Andrew and Ellen in one and Tommy in another to destinations far less crowded.

As Ellen emerged late the next morning she greeted her aunt with a kiss and a hug
Returned with a loving smile and a gesture to sit, eat toast and drink tea from her mug.
Recounting her evening at the dance she blushed slightly recalling the last few moments
Then she noticed the two empty chairs and her uncle’s and Andrew’s absence.
Realising the time was almost midday she couldn’t believe she’d slept through

‘They went to work early this morning,’ explained Aunt Tilda, ‘just to check the crew
They’ll be back shortly so be prepared for some teasing about Tommy and you.
Dancing the night away is what I’ve heard,’ continued Aunt Tilda, ‘so give me a clue.’
Ellen’s face grew hot and she blushed without knowing the reason why,
‘I think he liked me,’ she replied with a twinkle in her eye.

A month later, Ellen had settled positively in her new post at the university
The telephone on her desk rang and she answered it quickly and brightly
Surprised and a little delighted to hear the voice on the other end announce his name
‘Tommy, how are you,’ she responded gaily hoping she didn't sound lame

‘I’ve been away, overseas,’ he explained ‘but I’m back in town for a little while.’
She scanned the pages in her leather bound diary absently patting her hairstyle.
‘Friday night is good for me,’ she said holding her breath in excited anticipation
She could feel her pulse race and her blood quicken with a satisfying sensation.

Her students and professors kept her mind busy until the end of the week
When she rushed home to try on the new dress bought from her favourite boutique
‘Andrew, you can stop your ribbing, it’s only a dinner date, nothing fancy.’
‘That’s why you are floating around in a dreamlike state, whimsical and dreamy.’
‘Tell me what you know of Tommy,’ Ellen begged and pleaded her cousin, Andrew
‘He’s a great guy or was when I knew him; we lost touch several years ago as you do.’

The doorbell rang and Andrew whispered in her ear, ‘have a great time, love.’
He opened the door to a suave looking Tommy, spic and span, taking off his glove
They grinned at each in the way that men who have secrets do
Ellen thought there are things here I don't want to know about these two

They pulled up to a quintessentially English pub restaurant out in the country
He took her arm and steered her through the door to the bar with its nooks and crannies
The menu was superb, the food delicious, she drank some red wine and he had a shandy
He wanted to know all about her, what she did and why she lived with her cousin Andy.

Now it was his turn and he seemed rather reluctant to share his story as fully
He gazed into her grey/blue eyes and immersed himself in her inner beauty
‘I think I’ve been waiting for you all my life,’ he told her with some deference
‘Then I find you by accident and have to wait a month with patience and silence.
My job makes lots of demands; it takes me away, a lot of times I will be out of contact.’

She stared back into the depths of his beautiful blue eyes, trying not to surrender
To the emotions that suddenly attacked her as she decided to tackle head on the pressure
‘What company do you work for,’ she asked as she raised her glass watching him carefully.
‘Actually it’s a government body covered by the Official Secrets Act,’ he admitted throatily.
‘No problem then,’ she said promptly, picking up the dessert menu nonchalantly.

The drive home was spent in companionable silence, his hand resting lightly on her knee
At the front door, he held her against his toned body, as he said, ‘don't be angry with me.’
Ellen thought and decided she would trust this lovely man and what will be, will be.

Word Count: 990:  FCA

Wednesday 16 January 2013


In 400 words or less, your character(could also be more than one), has a chance meeting with someone who will change their life.
Here is my entry:
Word Count: 396

She had to leave; she couldn’t take the drugs and gambling anymore
Living from hand to mouth, she had to protect their young daughter
After a few months a new man said you are the love of my life
I’ll take you into my home and treat you as my wife
It worked well for a couple of years he loved her girl as his own
But there was never enough money to go around.

She tried to help by working full time but it wasn't enough
They just couldn’t make ends meet life was so tough
Her new job was in an engineer’s office, so different to before
She thrived on the energy, the office banter, so much to explore
There were drinks at lunchtime in the wine bar, a glass of red
The afternoons flew by and then she went home and felt dead.

He paid her particular attention and soon her heart began to beat
Faster and faster as he asked her to check his spreadsheet
Time went on; he offered to help her work towards a promotion
She knew she was playing with fire, poking a smoking cauldron
She threw caution to the wind as he asked to see her one night
She had little resistance and didn't put up a fight.

Now she had to make the decision but would he stand by her
She was a package deal, both at once, her and her daughter.
She need not have worried because he came up true
She left her old life and the man before and said adieu
She told him she wanted more and life was too short
She nearly stayed when he cried desperate tears, so distraught.

She’d made her decision and steeled her heart
She’d given it to another and she had to depart
Her new bloke was good and kind and loved her dearly
He moved heaven and earth for her and praised her beauty
Then he came home from the office with wonderful news
He was offered an opportunity far away overseas.

Amid many obstacles of changing their lives
They had so many good reasons and motives
An abundance of tears dropped as they left family and friends
To start a new chapter of their life in fabulous New Zealand
Together they bring up her daughter with a love that has grown and deepened.

Friday 11 January 2013


100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week#72

The prompt this week is:
…you said you’d do WHAT?….

You have the usual 100 words to add to these 5 and make sure it is suitable for a PG certificate and has a link back here.

I held my breath after telling my mother
Waiting for an onslaught of verbal abuse and anger
‘You said you’d do what?’
Her words spewed out like a machine gun
I’d had enough of her vitriol and venom
I sat up and returned her malignant stare
‘Don't pretend that you give a damn or care,’
I replied, desperately trying to keep calm
As my fingernails gouged the inside of my palms
‘He’s my father and I will meet him tomorrow.’
It was time to let go of this hate and sorrow.
She surprised me again with a whisper
‘He was my one and only lover.’

Wednesday 9 January 2013


MAG 150
7th  January 2012


1)      Write a poem or short vignette using the picture featured in this post as your inspiration. Feel free to take the image to use for your post.
2)      Link back to Magpie Tales from your post.
3) Sign up in the Mr. Linky list, linking directly to your post, AFTER you've posted
Image by Daniel Murtagh
She waits wistfully at the window
Wondering if he will be a no-show
Ready and willing for his caress
In her lacy, gossamer thin dress
A draught plucks at her alluring beauty
Drawing her heart strings tightly
She reads a text message just received
‘Five minutes, darling,’ her breast heaves
As she waits to see the glare of headlights
Through the country lane like two penlights
She waits with bated breath, her pulses throbbing
Every fibre of her being aching
His key turned in the door
He would satisfy her amour
Cherishing their love affair
Tonight they would conceive an heir.

Thursday 3 January 2013

100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week#71

The date once again provides the prompt:

…as midnight struck…

That means you have 103 words to produce a creative piece


The diamond ring set sparkled on her hand
She had travelled many miles over sea and land
To celebrate Christmas with her friends and family
Her wedding day four days later, elegant and fancy
She felt a twinge of regret but a deep sigh relieved her
There was a question with an unknown answer
One person was missing and she didn’t know what to do
Should she have made advances, was she wrong not to?
Stupidly, stubbornly she’d burned her bridges several years ago
She had achieved her dream, she was the blushing bride
As midnight struck she walked proudly by his side.