Monday, 8 April 2013

A - Z APRIL 2013 - G

(Amber’s Dad, Carol’s husband)

Slogging away on his computer typing up reports
Two fingers pounding on the keyboard he gives a snort
The office politics play out again as his email pings an alert
He says what he thinks; his manner can be quite curt
It’s taken his in-laws a few years to appreciate the fact
They freely admit they didn't like him on first contact
His upbringing was strange to say the least
With a father who was a bullying beast
He’d made his own way in the world from the age of fifteen
Things he won’t talk about, the things he has seen
His brother paved the way out of the family situation
Courage is one thing the two brothers have in common.
He looks at the clock and thinks of Carol and the kids
He smiles inside and for a second closes his eyelids
Now back to work and sort out this mess
The phone rings with the authorisation to make progress
It won't be such a bad day after all
Then he can pack his bag and be home before nightfall.


  1. Oh this picture is spectacular!
    Dani @ Entertaining Interests

  2. After the first few lines I didn't like him, but the back story changed my opinion. You never quite know what someone has behind them!

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  4. Such great characterisation in these poems. I'm curious about his childhood.

  5. I like Nick's comment about "characterization." That's the perfect word for your poems. Each line gives a new little insight until we get a pretty BIG picture by the end. Very cool.

  6. I agree with Nick and Wendy. The way you're approaching these poems reminds me of the Spoon River Anthology. I'm having a great time reading them!

  7. I like it! Sounds like a nice backstory to a character from a novel :)

    Left and Write

  8. Another great poem, but I feel sad for Graham and his terrible upbringing. Sounds like he has courage though.

  9. He's a strong character I think. Wonder what his father did to him and his brother?

  10. I love the little details. Typing with two fingers is such a great one. And I love the photo.

  11. Curt manner? You just described one of my cowrkers to a tee.

  12. The suspense is building and I'm moving backwards. Interesting stories, we all have!