Tuesday, 2 April 2013

A - Z APRIL 2013 - B

(Amber’s Grandfather, husband of Ellen and father of Carol)
He watched from his chair through the living room window
He smiled with pride as his granddaughter’s shadow
Filled the lane, Amber’s body elongated into an alien figure
The late afternoon sun warmed the air making it brighter.
Bill made his way in to the kitchen to prepare the tea
Hot and ready to drink when Ellen came home shortly.
Retirement suited them both down to the ground
They were lucky they were mobile and could get around
They spent time together but also maintained their independence
They didn’t get under each other’s feet and feel they were a nuisance
They made sure they weren't taken advantage of by the family
He had set the parameters early so they knew the boundaries.
Waiting for the kettle to boil he thought back to the Royal Navy
Those 25 years shaped his life, took him on a journey
Sometimes he regretted missing out his kids’ early years
But they’d been brought up strong without any tears.
He heard her key turn in the lock
As punctual as usual he glanced at the clock.


  1. Such a nice flow, very peaceful feel to this.

  2. I love the easy feel of this piece. Lovely!

  3. Your words took me to another life. Although my husband and I are very similar to your couple, we have different memories. Children spread over other countries. Yet the caring continues.

  4. The rhythm of daily blogging led me to your lovely post. Part nostalgia, part memoir, this entry reminds me that each family builds its own traditions, steeped in love like that hot cup of tea!

  5. You definitely have a smooth and easy style of writing, Sally. Such a pleasure to read.

  6. Lovely writing as always Sally. I can relate to these characters, there is some similarities to hubby and I.

  7. Michael is right: you have a smooth and easy way to your writing. It was fun to read this. :-)

  8. You get such a feel for his military character, particularly how he 'set boundaries early.' Very engaging.

  9. Nice. Another perspective to view things from, which will round out your story. Interesting so far.

  10. Enjoy how the picture emphasizes the end of the tale. So lovely and warm!

  11. Still living by the clock even in retirement. Sweet poem, Sally!

  12. Awestruck by the timing and passion.
    Dani @ Entertaining Interests

  13. Now, I am caught up -- will try to keep it that way. Have a nice day!