Tuesday 24 September 2013

The Outing

1) Use the photo and the 5 words provided in your story
2) Keep your word count 500 words or less.
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And the five words -






Here is my short story:


It was a sultry September day, an Indian summer they were calling it, temperatures climbing with a little breeze to keep the heat bearable.  The day trip had been planned many weeks in advance, all the preparations discussed ad nauseum, the social committee and sub committees had finally agreed the date and venue.  The coach was booked, an air conditioned, all mod cons vehicle suitable for taking a group of elderly ladies and gentlemen on a day trip.

The once a week bingo session had pooled the profits to pay for the carers to attend as well.  Karen was looking forward to taking her group of three ‘old codgers’ out for the day.  They were a trio of lively minded ladies with some mobility problems but were full of tales of their youth.

The stories they told were of bravery and courage, their own and their brothers or fathers or uncles who served in the Second World War, some gave their lives, some came back with horrendous injuries.  It didn’t stop their indomitable spirits and verve for life.

One of her ladies, Elsie, always wore a special brooch on high days and holidays, inside held black and white pictures of her grandparents. 

Elsie had suffered a slight stroke and when she spoke some spittle and saliva would drip down the side of her chin.  She always had an embroidered, lavender scented, linen handkerchief in her hands ready to mop up discreetly.

Hetty was a darling, a little silver haired lady who loved going to the hairdresser once a week for a set and blow dry.  It was the only time she sat still when she was being pampered, all the staff referred to her affectionately as ‘Hetty, ants in her pants’ because she was always fidgeting in her chair. 

Dolly was the life and soul of the trio, always chivvying everyone along.  Her mantra was to enjoy every day as much as you possibly could.  Her family were loud and extrovert and when they visited en masse the living room buzzed with laughter and joy.

Karen helped her ladies down from the coach and they made their way to the entrance of the pier.  Stretching ahead out to the sea, the clouds met the horizon; the seagulls were specks dotted inbetween the white fluffy clouds.

The trio stopped by a booth, huddled together, giggling quietly to themselves.  Karen could hear them all egging each other on.  

‘Go on, you go first, have your fortune told.’ Elsie was the ring leader but Dolly was the first to put the money in the slot.
She pressed her hand where indicated as all three craned forward to hear her message.  Dolly gently pushed her friends away; she would share her fortune if it wasn't too personal.  The automaton spoke to her.

Dolly was transported to a time more than 60 years ago when she stood at a similar machine, she smiled secretively.  How did a machine know that about her?

Word Count: 499