Saturday, 6 April 2013

A - Z APRIL 2013 - F

(Amber’s dog)
He rolled over on to his back with his tongue lolling
It will soon be time to remind Amber to take him walking
He loved it when she stroked and tickled his fur
His golden hairs the colour of newly mown straw
He heard her bedroom door open and his ears pricked
He jumped up at her in exuberance and licked and licked
Any part of her he could find he showed his affection
He loved the whole family but she had his utter devotion
When he came to the family as a young puppy
They cuddled and stroked him to stop him being lonely
He whined and cried throughout that first night
Until Amber came downstairs flitting through the moonlight
From that day on she has been his favourite
She reciprocates and whispers to him her secret
She reaches for his leash from the hook by the door
His claws scamper across the black and white tiled floor
His nose is already twitching in anticipation
She calls goodbye to her mum, he barks in passion
They reach the park, empty now of children
Off the lead and free he bounds away with enthusiasm.


  1. What lovely posts you have chosen!

  2. That was a really lovely depiction of him, and you captured the affection! It rings very true!

  3. I agree with Nick. It does ring very true! I'm enjoying these slice-of-life poems. ☺

    Thanks for telling me about the problem with my link. I believe it's fixed now. (I hope!)

    Have a nice weekend.

  4. How beautifully the closing lines of the poem match that picture of the green, green park! Everyone should have such a friend to whisper secrets to.

  5. Nicely upbeat, with a hint of better weather in there to raise the spirits

  6. That is awesome and it really shows the devotions dogs have.
    Great work! :)

  7. Pure love, for the smallest of things - why I love dogs. This is exactly how I think my dogs think. ;)

  8. Love the PPV of the dog! Good job!

  9. Oh how sweet! every great story needs a dog..

  10. So sweet and poetic... Really enjoyed it!

  11. One of the things I like about your poems is that you don't adhere to exact rhyming couplets. The eye rhyme or near rhyme breaks up the sing-song effect that strict couplets often create.

    I enjoyed this story from the dog's point of view.

  12. So wonderfully warm. Total pick-me-up.

  13. I hope my Patches gives me all her devotion!

    Love it, especially that the pets are part of the story too!