Wednesday 15 January 2014


It's been a tough start to 2014 with Ken leaving us on New Year's Day and Denis leaving a week later.  We celebrate their lives and know they live on in our hearts and memories. 

Today is Ken's funeral.

10.10.30 - 01.01.14

Today we stand together to say our goodbyes
We wipe the tears from our eyes
We Hug and embrace
Put on a brave face

Remembered with love the happy times
remembered other people, other pastimes
we are brought back to the present
as our memories flood to the forefront

This moment in time we are mired in sorrow
We will move on, not today and perhaps not tomorrow
We will tell stories, anecdotes and say ‘remember when?’
We will remember you always, our dear Uncle Ken.


 A misty morning view to say goodbye