Wednesday, 25 April 2012

V is for Victim

A Victim No More

Too nice, she won’t mind
She’s always kind
Too laid back
What does she lack?

Manipulated by another
Abused by others
Too afraid to tell those who want to know
Hidden so deep
Too hard to keep

The tears come and the face dries
Nobody knows the pain inside
Kept inside the strong castle walls
What does she do when she falls?

She makes time for others
Listens to their troubles
Then it’s turned and doubled
In on her to spite her love

Nobody believes her when she says what she feels
Don’t be stupid they say
You are wrong they are right
So she has another sleepless night

All she wants is to love and be loved
The tears flow when she is moved
Pushing out from the heart and caught
With no forethought

Tossed away like discarded paper
No use for the wrapper
Put the lid on it don’t let anybody see
The pain and love that is a divorcee

Deep, deep down
Unplumbed depths under the sea or space
A mind full of grace
Grinding out the race

Finding a way through the story
That she wrote before she was born
Making the mistakes, choosing free will
Living her life in a wonderland full of illusions

Trying to stop the agony, the pain, the hunger
Knowing she’s not getting any younger
Coming through a rebirth of love
The second chance coming from above

She grabs it with both hands
And feels like she’s playing in a band
Joy and laughter, contentment and bliss
All sealed with her loving husband’s kiss.


  1. Sad and touching. Glad you wrote the last 4 lines, gives me hope. (:

  2. A nice rebirth into a loving relationship . . .

  3. I have lived through this, apart from the ending, which I now accept will never happen.

  4. This is a very moving poem. I'm so glad it has a happy ending! :)