Tuesday, 24 April 2012

U is for Unknown

U is for Unknown

Unknown voices always in my ear
Is that what I hear?
Visions in my head
Is that what I read?

Dreams that disturb my nights
Such ugly sights
Remembering in the morning
As the fresh day is dawning

Troubles to leave behind
Answers still to find
From the depths of my mind
As yet to be divined.

Searching and seeking my soul
Looking for the loophole
Caught inbetween, stuck in limbo
Is it a friend or foe?

A feeling of peace envelops me
Calmness wraps me warmly
As my angel sits amongst the flowers
Slowing down each minute of each hour


  1. I'd like to see a collection of your poems published in book form.

    1. Thank you - I'll have to look into that prospect - rather a frightening thought.

  2. Your poems are always easy to read, even they are not easy (does that make sense?). This is lovely - I believe in Angels :)

  3. This is very nice, I like the happy resolution at the end.

  4. Excellent poem, Sally! The first four stanzas made me feel quite disturbed and... troubled. But the last one was filled with such serene clarity! Beautiful pictures, as always :)

  5. Sally, great write...the unknown can be so scary. My husband is out of a job right now and with every application I say a prayer that he will be contacted. It's not just the money but his peace of mind and self-esteen that I worry about. I just want him to be happy!