Sunday, 1 April 2012

A is for Alicia


A is for Alicia

Alicia is all spotty
Neisha is dotty
Mummy is grotty
Driving poor daddy potty

We’ve got the calamine lotion all cold and sticky
It’s on the bathroom shelf for when we feel icky
Smothered our skin and covered ourselves in cotton
Our pyjamas are clean with great big buttons.

Cuddling up on the sofa all poorly together
‘Cos we’re feeling under the weather
Let’s watch a DVD and have a snooze
We have no energy left to choose

So we want to get better really soon
We have to have patience this afternoon
And all next week to stay off school
So it’s feet up on the footstool

But poor mummy has to go to work
And wishes she had a cork
To stuff up people’s noses
To stop that horrible snorting that encloses
The whole compartment and follows the train
From home to work and back again.


  1. Nice poem Sally, a bit runny though! No pun intended! Ha ha!

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  2. I so feel like your A girl today. You enjoyed your poem!

  3. Beautiful! And the images you've added are lovely.

  4. You started things off with a chuckle. Nice work.

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  5. Lol! I've definitely wished for that cork, too ;)

  6. lol. Loved the last stanza. Very nice.

  7. Precious story. You started your A-Z challenge with a bang.

  8. Adorable...I love it! Glad you are in this challenge too!