Thursday 19 April 2012

Q isfor Quintessential

Q is for Quintessential

Quintessential English villages
Chocolate picture box thatched cottages
White weatherboard houses lining the High Street
The grocer’s and newsagents are shops to greet and meet

Your neighbour from across the way
Who you didn't see in Church on Sunday
The two pubs either end of the hamlet
Providing rest and a much needed outlet
Quiet and rural in the countryside
A laid back lifestyle, slow and retired
Farming work from dawn to dusk is hard and long
Men and women toiling, old and young
Village social life is community based and strong
Every week there is something going on
Gardening clubs, darts and Fetes
Fresh produce at the farmers markets
Quintessential English steak and kidney pies
Roly Poly puddings and Cornish pasties
Fish and chips wrapped in newspaper
Pickled eggs and mushy peas and salt and vinegar

Bygone days another era headed by the Lord of the Manor
Hunting game, fox hunting and country horrors
The Squire’s word was law to the lowly paid
From the grooms to the housemaids

Quintessential Englishness through and through
Proud to be British and red, white and blue
We have our monarch, Queen Elizabeth II
Celebrating 60 years, Golden Jubilee

We’re proud of our heritage and our history
Although violent at times and stormy
Our empire, realms and domains have shaped us
We are now a nation of various cultures and races.


  1. Excellent post Sally. Lovely poem and well chosen pictures. Food really hit the spot!

  2. Makes me want to go back and visit!!

  3. Oh now I am really homesick. There is nothing quite so lovely as a pictureseque English village with a pub. Ahhh