Thursday, 12 April 2012

K is for KATHRYN


Daddy’s girl is in pain
Wishing for his love in vain
She is so disappointed
At always being bated
Reviled and hated
For being related

Her love has been blighted
Thrown away and discarded
His fickle emotions flaunted
Fleeting and unspoken

Blood is not thicker than water
You won't fight for your daughter
They’ve fought this battle and won
Will you fight to keep your son?

The thought of not being wanted
Turned against, words slanted
Try as she might
She has no more fight

She gave and gave and gave
Until there is no give left anymore
She’d take him back with open arms
But he won't give up the other’s false charms

There is only so much pain to endure
They are all so cocksure
But in the end she has no allure
Compared to those who are more immature

To lose her father isn’t her fault
But she is battered from the assault
Hoping against hope he will realise his mistake
And reach out to mend her heartache.


  1. The pain of an abandoned child must leave its mark for life.

  2. Beautiful. I really got the sense of heartbreak.

  3. trekking your blog!!! so sad...


  4. Another sad poem. Please can I request something uplifting soon? Thanks :)

  5. That's how I spell my name! :) So sad when parents abandon their children.

  6. No other loneliness like this one