Wednesday, 26 October 2016


Writing Prompt for Wednesday Stories 10/26/16

Hello, writers out there and those who like stories!     It is up to YOU to determine your prompt for this week.  You can use any photos you like, as long as you give the original owner credit for their photo(s).  You can choose the words you want to include in your story as your prompts – or none at all.  You can determine your own word count — 50? 1,000? Anything you desire.  It’s free-for-all-time!
Our writing prompt this week was a photo of our own choosing and our own word count:
Photo credit: Dawn Prebble


Those days when it’s a struggle to get out of bed
To get those bad thoughts out of your head
To those days I want to say ‘get lost’
I want to let go of the negative posts
Let go of the angst and worry and pain
Let go of the heartache and explain
To those that care and those that don’t
Why I can’t find love with those that won’t
Love me back with all they have

I opened up and gave and gave
My barriers came down, my wall demolished
All to no avail as nothing was accomplished
I’m back to square one
Alone, alone and always alone
Never thought this would be my life
I just wanted to be someone’s wife
Someone’s mother, someone’s whole being
Their reason for living

Now it may be too late
I’m shutting the gate
But despite you all
Somehow I’ll find the wherewithal
I’ll climb back up, dust myself down
Plaster that smile on my face, play the clown
You don’t know what you are missing
I’ll pretend not to care although my heart is aching
You weren’t the one for me

Now I can see
The wood for the trees
There is a light
Burning bright
As I look up and see
A rainbow just for me
Strengthening my resolve
I let my pain dissolve
As I take in the beauty above
And feel the love
Of nature in all its power
The droplets of rain in a shower
Proving there is hope
As I watch the kaleidoscope
Of colours above my home
Anticipating things to come
I leave the maelstrom of fear
Ready to love again without tears

 Word count: 281


  1. Oh man, so much revealed without spelling it out. This one feels quite powerful and full of emotion. Really shows the pain that can accompany loving unconditionally.