Monday, 12 August 2013


The large wooden shack painted a duck egg blue drew their eyes towards the assorted items on display.   The carousel colours attracted a lot of tourists who just stood and gawked at the showcase.
Brian took Shelley’s hand, brought it up to his lips and gently kissed her fingers.   
‘Was it worth getting up at sunrise to travel to this little, forgotten piece of boating history?’
Shelley looked at Brian, his golden hair stood on end where he’d been raking his fingers through the wayward curls.
‘But of course,’ she sighed.
Why he had to be everywhere so blooming early was beyond her comprehension sometimes.  She supposed it came from being tied to a timetable; he couldn’t afford to be late to class, especially as he loved being a school teacher.   She didn't know how he could be nice to children all day long and it was becoming a bone of contention between them as to when they would start their own family.
She felt in the back pocket of her jeans to reassure herself that her passport was still there.  She checked it twenty times a day if not more; she panicked if she couldn’t feel the comfort of that very important document.
‘You know I think we can hire a boat and go out on the river.  It wouldn't cost much.’  Brian looked askance at her. 
He knew she hated the water so why would he want her to go on a boat?
‘Do you think we could get a drink and a snack first?’  Shelley tried to play for time hoping that by the time they’d had refreshments a queue would have formed and they would find something else to do.
‘Are you hungry again?   Are you eating for two?’
The scowl Brian received for this quip would have floored many a man but he just shrugged his broad shoulders not really understanding his wife’s attitude.
He put his arm around her shoulders giving her a gentle squeeze as they made their way up the quayside to the small quaint café.   With their brunch placed in front of them, a cappuccino for Brian and a hot chocolate for Shelley, the atmosphere still felt a little tense.  Shelley was just about to say something when Brian started by clearing his throat.
‘I love you, Shelley.  If you are not ready to start a family then I can accept that.  I knew you weren’t sure on having a family when we married but I did think I would change your mind over the years.’
Shelley sipped her drink and listened.  The minutes stretched on.  A family bustled in to the café; Brian smiled at the two little girls, with their hair piled on top of their heads in cute pony tails.
‘I can’t,’ Shelley whispered as she took in the scene.  She place her finger on Brian’s lips, ‘no, don’t say anything.  You will just have to trust me on this.   We can't have children.’

Word count:  496



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  2. Sally, you captured me here with the voice and the ending. Now I'm wondering what the rest of this conversation will be...good one.

  3. Now that's a story I want to read!


  4. I'm with Denise, I'd really like to read the conversation afterwards! I did laugh at the "eating for two" comment. That's something my husband would say (with a loving whack on the arm in return).

    I'm really in awe of how you show such deep relationships between people with so few words! It's a treat to read these.

  5. This is so good, Sally. I am on edge to know what's going on in Shelley's heart. I can feel so much angst and sadness coming from her... a secret or something that needs to come out.

    I'd love to know where the story goes beyond this!

  6. Hi Sally ... another intriguing story! Did she know all this time that she couldn't have kids; and kept it from him so that he would marry her? You always have the best stories.

    Kathy M.

  7. Yeah I want to know where the rest of the conversation is going too!
    I think she's a secret agent or something, that's why she's so concerned with her passport, lol

  8. Ooh, there is so much left untold. As usual, a great read!

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  10. This is a great beginning for a full-length novel - so many questions unasked and unanswered.

  11. Very intriguing Sally. I want to