Thursday 4 July 2013

On The Beach

100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week#96
A picture prompt this week and you have the usual 100 words to produce a creative piece.

The link will close on 8th July

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Clouds scudded across the sky
Fluffy edges tinged white and grey
As the shadows started to fall
The recycling bins stood tall
But a lone grey litter bin
Stood slightly apart from his kin
Perhaps a first generation import
Others evolved into different sorts
Choose the one that suits you best
Place inside cardboard, hard and compressed
Make sure it’s battened and flattened
No litter to be deposited on our sandy beach
Fingers of sunshine just out of reach
Shine on the lime green outer coating
Of staid, silent sentinels standing
Precise and still, attention grabbing,
Hungry mouths open, waiting.

Word count: 100 without title


  1. Very nice. I love this image: "staid, silent sentinels standing"—and the "s" sounds are wonderful!

  2. This is great, Sally! You really did this very cool pic justice. Wonderful flow! Hope you are enjoying a lovely weekend.