Thursday, 27 June 2013


100 Word Challenge – week #95
Posted on June 24, 2013 by jfb57
100 words plus this prompt
….”Pink nails?” she cried…
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They arrived as the session was about to start
Juliette and Mary were having a heated heart-to-heart
Mary was flabbergasted, ‘Pink Nails?’ she cried out aloud
Juliette nodded her head vigorously, not to be cowed
She thought it was a perfect name for their new beauty salon
They’d have crystal glass bowls on the counter full of bon-bons
We can't discuss this here and now we have clients to tend to
We’ll be professional and not have a to-do
They hurried off to their respective clients
To sort out various ailments
A massage here, a facial there,
Still seething, they both enjoyed their career.

Word Count: 104 without title


  1. Fun! Thanks for the early morning smile. :)

  2. This entry reminds me of me...I'm always thinking of my next business venture. I think Pink Nails Salon sounds excellent!

  3. Love it, so jealous of folks who can rhyme!

    Very well done, but you better trademark the name! :)

  4. I totally got the feel for these two chracters, even in this short glimpse of them.

  5. You completely brought these two to life in my mind. Well done!


  6. Like Beverly I got such a clear vision of them from that snippet. Love it!

  7. Great story Sally. And I kinda like the name of the Salon :)

  8. Way cool, for the word count. I'm always amazed at how efficient you are at word usage. Wish I could be this concise; but I'll never be able to create a work of poetry.

    Congrats Sally; you won the first prize at RFW Weddings. Please send me your e-mail address for the Amazon gift certificate. My e-mal is donnahole at g mail dot com. Thank you for your participation in the June challenge, and for having such an awesome excerpt. I loved the story.

    Aside from the $5 gift certificate, I'd like to encourage you to submit your RFW weddings story to Vine Leaves Literary Journal, Short Story America, and eFiction Magazine. You may want to do a re-read and second glance edit, but I think these publications would be a suitable home for the non-fiction version, and perhaps you could edit with some creative non-fiction material.

    If you'd like some pointers and feedback for revision ideas, please let me or Denise know, and we would both be happy to offer our feedback. But whatever your publication aspirations for this excerpt, it has won the RFW prize of a $5 Amazon Gift certificate, and you need only e-mail me with your own e-mail so I can gift you.

    Thank you for participating with RFW's Weddings Challenge, and for writing the winning excerpt. I hope to see you again for July's Honeymoon Challenge.


  9. You have a knack for putting down words so efficiently. Enjoyed this :)

  10. Congratulations on winning the RFW's Weddings Challenge!
    Loved this Pink Nail entry....but now I'm wanting a foot massage. Wouldn't that be nice.... :D

  11. Hi Sally. You are on a roll my girl! Both Donna and I were thrilled to be able to award you in the June RFW challenge. Your story was great. Are you going to follow Donna's suggestion and perhaps submit it somewhere? Both of us would be happy to offer suggestions...

    Pink Nails is lovely. Well done using the prompt.

    I am looking forward to seeing what you come up with for Honeymoon!