Saturday, 30 April 2022


Joining in with Rochelle Wisoff-Fields Friday Fictioneers

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Photo credit:  Ted Strutz

Coffee, coffee, coffee

I want tea, tea, tea

Can’t stand the bitter taste

Of beans roasted

And the smell, just awful

The noise of the machines

Whining and groaning like sirens

Screeching their alarm with steam


Please go back to the genteel art

Of drinking tea that calms my heart

A pot or two a day

Keeps the doctor away

Or so I believe

I certainly feel relief


Coffee addicts queue down the streets

Before they meet and greet

Friends or business colleagues

To kick start their day

While on their way

Commuting or studying

Give your step a spring





  1. I like the bounce in the rhythm of this. No coffee hit needed to create a brisk pace here. And I'm with you in singing the praises of a nice pot of tea - loose leaves please - no soggy teabags full of tealeaf dust. Confession time however - I have it both ways. Can't beat a creamy latte for mid-morning break.😊

  2. Dear Sally,
    Nicely written verses. I am a coffee person myself.


  3. I enjoy both coffee and (herbal) tea, but I *must* have coffee and tea is a pleasant evening drink.