Tuesday, 31 January 2017

TROUBLE - Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

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This week's photo prompt is provided by Jessica Haines.
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Andrew’s new trainers were muddy along with his trousers.  He was going to get into trouble with his mum but he really couldn’t help it.  That puddle just begged to be jumped in.  He had homework to do after he got tea ready for his brothers when mum went to her second job.  That job was worse than the cleaning one she did early in the morning but at least she saw them to school in the morning. 

When she got back from the pub she would kiss him and his brothers.  Andrew could smell the stale beer, her hair smelt metallic from the hairspray she used.  She would murmur words of love to him, thanking him for his help, most nights he felt a wetness on her cheeks as he pretended to stay asleep.

When he was 13 he would get a part-time job and bring in some money to help. 

Word count: 152


  1. Such a sweet heart touching story! He loves his mother and wants to be able to help her not have to work so hard. Great story, Sally!

  2. Nothing sadder than a child forced to grow up too soon.