Sunday, 29 January 2017

THE DREAM - Sunday Photo Fiction

This week’s picture prompt is courtesy of C.E. Ary

We have 200 words to pen a story using the photo.

© C.E.Ayr


The tide was out, a lone boat bobbed in the shallow water.  Emma couldn’t see any sign of life aboard.   It must be a lonely life out there on the river trying to make a living.  Emma was so grateful she worked in a nice warm office although some of the people could take a lesson or two in good manners.  Office humour was quite nasty at times.  There was a lot of back stabbing and rumours abounded started by goodness knows who or why.

Toby tugged on her hand.  Her five year old was so full of energy, some days she didn’t know how she kept it altogether, working full time and running round after him was wearing her out.  It was hard being a single mum. 

She looked back longingly at the lone boat and wondered, not for the first time, if she could just disappear from the hectic rat race, her time her own being blown wherever the tide and trade winds took her.

Toby was her main priority now, he slipped his hand from hers and ran with glee towards the swings.  She left her long abandoned dream behind as she chased towards her little boy.

Word count: 200


  1. What is it about water that makes us day dream. I enjoyed your story. If we had a choice between the rat race and tranquility, we'd all choose to leave the race behind I think.

  2. I enjoyed that. Having worked in an office, I know the way the office "humour" goes.

  3. Perhaps she have taken Toby to a beautiful dessert island and lived a life away from the rat race and political turmoil. On the other hand...!

    Keith's Ramblings!

  4. There are dreams and there's the life that, difficult as it seems, makes everything worthwhile.