Friday, 13 July 2012


 It's time for Knights of Micro Fiction challenge hosted by Kathy McKendry   Knights of MicroFiction
 This month's prompt is:
In 200 words or less write a flash fiction using the phrase:  The sky darkened...
then for an added challenge include a sound that surprises one of your characters and a foul smell.

The sky darkened as the end of the day approached, the street lights were beginning to flare and flicker as their orange glow slowly changed to a white light.  It had been so busy in the office that Susan hadn’t had a chance to eat her lunch.  She was so hungry she was beginning to feel faint. 
Opening and shutting the drawers in her desk there was nothing there, no sweets, mints or chocolate left.  When had she eaten all the goodies she usually had stashed?   Sighing to herself, she picked up her bag, retrieved her coat from the hook on the back of the door and left the office.
She stepped out in to the twilight and turned to lock the door.  She punched in the code numbers to set the burglar alarm which promptly let out a shrieking wailing sound.   Swear words that she couldn’t say out loud formed in her mind as she belatedly remembered the code always changed every thirteen days.
Hitting her empty stomach the smell from the perfume factory struck her olfactory organs all at once combined with the screeching alarm, nausea resulted.  
She now remembered today’s date.  It was Friday 13th July 2012.


  1. Haha! Didn't see that end coming. Nice story. I would have thought the smell from the perfume factory would be nice... but maybe it's all the chemicals cause the bad smell.

    I also saw you posted for Follow My Lead. I'm holding off on reading that because I'm taking part too - idea's there, just not had time!

    1. Hi Nick, I look forward to reading your entry for Follow My Lead. I have a perfume factory about a mile and a bit from my house on the road leading to the main supermarket and motorway. On a bad day the smell is awful!!

  2. LOL, I'm always afraid of setting the alarm off at my building. I haven't yet, but this is an unlucky day :)


  3. Great entry for the contest Sally. I've entered too now! :D

  4. Ooh.. Friday the 13th! Full utilization of the date! ;) Enjoyed reading this! :)

  5. Setting the alarm using ends in me having to race in and turn it off because I forgot something inside! LOL. An excellent use of Friday the 13th's mystique!

  6. I totally didn't see that coming at the end! I loved it! Thanks for participating :D

  7. Strong perfume does make my stomach turn. Love how you worked in the date! Great entry. Thanks for joining in. :)

  8. I'm trying to imagine a perfume factory being foul, but if you say so I'll believe you. I frequently drive by a coffee factory and that's delightful.

  9. LOL! Poor Susan. I hope the evening improved for her.

  10. I can believe that the smell from perfume factories could be foul--love that detail! I enjoyed this!