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This prompt is about long-term love; perhaps suffering a mid-life or 7 year itch crisis. The couple recognizes it is time for a change; but how drastic does the change need to be to rekindle the relationship?  Who wants the change; husband, wife, mutual?  Who would suffer the most from either a break up, or from the status quo?

For older lovers:  perhaps this is the retirement of one or both, or one is suffering a physical or mental health change.
For mid-life lovers:  perhaps this could be an empty nest syndrome, or a male mid-life crisis, or female menopause.
For younger lovers:  perhaps there is an unexpected pregnancy to upset the balance; or a career change –promotion or firing or company move; or the sheer boredom of routine.

What we want to see is when the romance loses it shine, and the eye wanders, but what our disgruntled lover finds so appealing in another is the qualities that the old flame has lost.  Does he/she realize this on their own?  Or does the jilted lover or new love point it out?  How is the situation resolved?  Or is it too late?

This is a special challenge, so it has special guidelines:

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  • Word limit is 600 words
  • Any POV - first, second, third person
  • Prose/prosetry
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Abiding Love

In England there were celebrations at the end of the war
The physical fighting had ceased but now they had to repair
The ravages that had been wrought but people still had to take care
Families reunited, men returned, some broken, some full of despair.

They returned to family life, husband and wife and their two girls
She was the youngest, prettiest, a spoilt princess with long dark curls
A few years later the girls start dating boys, teenagers having fun
The beginning of that new music, rock and roll and dance action

The decade of 1950 everyone began looking forward to the future
Romantic films, glamorous actresses, dreamy heroes were the answer
So couples paired up and after a time, boy and girl became man and woman
He wasn’t quite so sure but she persuaded him because she was very, very certain.

Before she was 21 she thought she’d found love, she’d found just the one
The man of her dreams, she thought she would keep him forever and a day
Tall, dark and handsome, such a beautiful couple they made, a day to be proud
They posed at the church door, wedding bouquet and button holes displayed

Two years later came their first baby, a beautiful boy they produced
Times were tough but as a family they scrimped and endured
Adding to their family their second son came along three years later
She did so desperately want what her sister had and have a pretty daughter

Things were getting rough, money was so very tight
They fought and fought and argued for days and nights
To save their marriage another child would cement their fidelity
A pretty daddy’s girl he took unto his heart and loved her dearly

The years took their toll, family responsibilities grew and grew
The young, carefree days were things of the past and lost to view
He started to flirt, to feel his ego boosted, he was still a young man
There was no premeditation but the divorce proceedings began.

The shock and scandal hit the village but the gossips always said
She was too pretty for her own good and things would go bad
She picked herself up, dusted herself off, she found another chap,
Single and wealthy he took her and the children and fell in to her trap

Perhaps their union contained less passion on her part than compared to before
Compensated by money in the bank and a big house but he wasn’t her saviour
They had their own daughter but the differences were too great, violence ensued
She left, single with a child still at home, a divorcee but not subdued

Her first love was always there, they remained deep friends
Three children together meant that on each other they could always depend
They both remarried, she went to his second wedding which ended amicably
After his third wife’s loss she helped him as he mourned his loss deeply

They were now alone without their partners still bound by their first love
Living near each other, spending days together, enjoying their grandchildren
He was still the charmer, still the aged Casanova with a pension
Along came the diagnosis, shattering all who knew him

Only months to live although he fought with all his might
He lost his struggle one wet and rainy night
She misses him more than anyone can know
He was her eternal love, her beau

She carries on from day to day
How can you regret abiding love she says?
They couldn’t live together forever
She doesn’t think the grass was actually greener.

Word Count: 600


  1. Poignant and beautiful, Sally. I don't know what to say - love comes in many forms; it evolves too:)

    And even when it comes with its hurts, one cannot help but treasure the beautiful memories - when it's real.

  2. You made me cry. What a beautiful story of lasting love, enduring friendship. There really is something special about that first love.


  3. WOW.. Sally, I am blown away.. this is an amazing post. It's beyond beautiful.. very poignant. Takes my breath away.

  4. wow !!!awesome !! simply superb !

  5. I totally agree. Wow! Your story is beautiful and haunting all at the same time. I could certainly feel the emotions packed into this piece.
    And you're certainly right. The grass isn't always greener. Well done.

  6. I love this story. A lifetime of trying to forget, or move beyond, a first love. I'm glad they were at least together in the end. Beautiful!

  7. Dear Sally,
    Very well expressed and written. The ending made it more beautiful.

  8. Sally, you've excelled! This story is so poignant, so full of life's motifs. Throughout, though, I felt her sadness and insecurity at the way her life panned out. I'm glad they were together at last. :D

  9. What a tale! I adored how they found one another again, through their love and their children, grandchildren. Even though I was saddened by the loss in the end, my heart couldn't help but smile for the fondness they shared up until the last moment.

  10. The images you selected, the font, the spacing all contribute to the effect that others have expressed so well.

  11. Awesome, a great ballad.
    I especially loved the verse that began
    The years took their toll, family responsibilities grew and grew