Friday, 1 June 2012

Yes, no, oh alright then

It's time for our new Challenge - No 37. This Friday June 1, we respond to the sentence, Yes, No, Oh, alright then! Whether prose or poetry, the challenge is yours to write as you will. You can choose to include all the words at one time, or have them interspersed throughout your entry. Or it can be used as a theme of indecision. Whatever your choice, go for it, just don't forget to have some romantic element!
Up to 400 words of prose/poetry in response to this prompt

Yes, No, Oh alright then!
Brown hair cascades down her back skimming her derrière
Pride and joy, crowning glory, the secret romantic affair
She couldn’t give it up and make this change in her life
She said yes in a moment of pressure, too much stress and strife
After a night’s sleep she regretted her decision in the morning
Sipping her tea in the conservatory under the dawn breaking
Weighing up the pros and cons and still pondering.

The smell of the honeysuckle wafted on the slight summer breeze
She shifted her position, hands entwined around her drawn up knees
The cushions held her tightly as if his arms wrapped around her body
Inhaling deeply, breathing the essence of his thoughts knowing he wants this badly
Running through the options in the harsh light of day, her change of mind
To say no to him she’ll rehearse all the reasons that she has outlined
Her main priorities are everything that she will have to leave behind.
The day wears on; she keeps herself busy making alternative plans
Tears well up as she can’t believe he will come to understand
At first she was excited and thrilled and had no hesitation to say yes
Then the doubts and lack of confidence crashed in as she tried to access
Courage and bravery had abandoned her heart turning it to jelly
The walls were weak but she had her boundary
Somehow she couldn’t find a way to stop the feelings of misery.

The minutes ticked away constantly reminding her of the hour to come
As he walked in the door, throwing down his keys, ‘I’m home!’
The sleek, silky timbre of his voice so sultry with its English modulation
Vowels that are nicely rounded in that most elegant way of elocution
She looks long and hard in the mirror, sees the consequences of her action
She could do this but she’s afraid of the messy complication
It should be easy to turn this dilemma into joy without aggravation.

The candles are lit, the dinner table set with the best plates and cutlery
He sits opposite and takes hold of her hand stroking her wedding ring calmly
It’s OK to be apprehensive, nervous and have butterflies in your tummy
It’s been the same for him, waiting for her answer, he nods and smiles reassuringly
She grips his hand ever so tightly, looks him in the eye, oh alright then
I’ll come with you when your firm sends you to work in England.

Word count:  413  - Yikes, slightly over 400 – hope it’s still acceptable.


  1. Hi,

    Over from RFW.

    The prose beautifully conveys sense of anguish, hint of regret yet inner sadness implying imminent loss. Nice twist ending! ;)


  2. Hi Sally great to see you posting again. Loved the narrative poem and the clever way you lead us to the ending with the earlier English references. The entire poem was a slow reveal and a great use of the prompt.


  3. Oh, I do like this one and loved the way you described his voice. I have a thing for the English accent, it can be very sexy. (:

  4. I loved the build up in this piece! Even though I knew the prompt, the tension was very strong

  5. Nice! I definitely didn't expect that ending. :)

  6. This was great Sally, the ending was a big surprise for me!

  7. Dear Sally,
    When two people are close, having dinner together can bring them even closer. Wonderful story with the beauty of love among each word. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Beautifully written Sally. What tough, well explored decisions this poor girl had to make. Prompt words were well used too.

    Nice to meet you Sally. Thanks for participating in RFW this week. Hope to see you around again :)


  9. Beautifully written Sally. Poor girl, such massive decisions, and heartbreaking equivocating. She put a lot of thought into those pro's and cons. Well done weaving the prompt words into the scenario too.

    It is nice to meet you Sally. Thank you for participating in this week's RFW. I hope to see you around again. Your poetry is beautiful.


  10. Dear Sally,

    Well-rendered train of thought, as she prepares the dinner. And then the fun twist at the end.

    This fits the theme of doubt and indecision perfectly. You have captured well the many implied thoughts and feelings, that pop up in our mind when we do think about a problem. And this is no small problem, but something that changes her life.

    Nicely done!

    Best wishes,
    Anna's RFWers Challenge No 37 'Yes, No, oh, alright then.'

  11. Good description of indecision. Nice twist at the end and I love the graphic.

  12. Love the twist and the prose! Very clever to be able to write in this style :)

  13. You write beautiful prose and certainly works well with the theme. Well done and welcome to RFW.

  14. Great twist. You will have to write about what happens to them next now!!