Wednesday, 27 June 2012


100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – #47

This week Julia jfb57 has gone for a picture. It is of a series that was sent to her so do watch out for more later. All you have to do is produce a creative piece of 100 words in length from the emotions / thoughts that this image stirs in you.


Here is my attempt:

Swirling around in a maelstrom of thoughts
Sitting pretty waiting for life’s snapshots
Freedom and liberty caged behind the windows
There is a door but she hides under the bedclothes
The exit is plain for all to see beyond the white bars
Her sentence is self inflicted from her memoirs
A glimpse away she could find the twinkling lights
To lead her back to normality on a starlit night
Her individuality is coated in whitewashed brickwork
A round house with no angles to cut deep in to her core
A top-up, replenishment is hourly, desperate to know so much more.


  1. I find your blog very interesting...I stop by often to read your posts.

    I think setting up writing blogs for high school English and Literature students would be a cool way to inspire them to get more into their writing. The technology of it would probably attract them a little more to the task at hand.

    I went to a writing retreat a few years back and I loved it. One of the facilitators picked 10 words from a box of magnetic words and we were all instructed to write a short piece incorporating these words. It was amazing the different pieces of writing that could come from the different participants using the same ten words as a inspiration.

    Love your blog---I'll be back!!

  2. Cool poem! I wish I could write poetry but its not my long suit. Me, all I see is a place to stop for gas and coffee. Nicely done.

  3. It almost reads like rap! Clever.

  4. Hi Sally, great picture, great poem response. You're so clever. As Stephen says, wish I could write great poetry. D.

  5. WOW :-) I want to be a grown up one day.

  6. WOW :-) I want to be a grown up one day.

  7. 'A round house with no angles to cut deep in to her core' I love this line. Great poem Sally