Monday 8 March 2021


 The lovely Debb Stanton issues a writing challenge every week with a prompt to be incorporated in to our stories. 

This week the prompt was a picture and some random words. 

If you want to join in or follow the stories please check her out on Facebook which is where she posts the prompts and stories by looking at Debbie Stanton, Author. 

This was the prompt:

*fail*  *giraffe*  *helicopter*  *igloo*


You only have to look at my boy to see that I do not fail as a dad.  I might fail as a husband but not a dad. 

My boy laughs at the drop of a hat.

My boy laughs at a book he can’t read.

I tuck him up in bed when it’s my weekend with him, making sure he has his toy giraffe to cuddle up to.

We made a camp in the living room although it turned out to be more of an igloo shape than a tepee.  Oh well, I tried. 

I hate saying goodbye to him but I plaster on my best smile and wave as he is driven away.

I turn down overtime on his scheduled weekends.  It probably means I have to tighten my belt for the rest of the month but he really is worth it. 

I try and try and try.

I wrap his birthday present up, a Dinky toy helicopter, ready to send to him because it’s not my weekend to have him.  I only hope the parcel will arrive on time.

Melissa is still very off with me; I won’t let that stand in the way of loving my boy.  I don’t say anything bad about her.  How can I when I wish I hadn’t messed up our marriage big time. 

I’m trying to make amends.  I’m trying to show her I still love her.  I’m trying to say, please let me come home.  Please let us be a family again.

I can only keep trying but I’ve heard rumours that she may be seeing another chap.  I try not to stalk her on Facebook but it’s difficult not to.  He seems a calm influence, they seem to be in love.

I’ll wait in the wings until it’s my turn again, if only I could be so lucky.


Only time will tell

There is no magic spell

To mend his broken heart

He doesn't want to be apart

From these people in his life

Whom he loves with all his might

His world has turned upside down

Suddenly he is a broken man

He’s tried to make amends

But he just offends

As things spiral from bad to worse

He realises he is under a curse

No matter how he rehearses

The words he wants to say

They come out wrong on the day.

She turns away

While his guilt weighs

Heavy on his heart

He needs a new start

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