Monday 22 March 2021

Flowers for Fiona


The lovely Debbie Stanton hosts a writing challenge every week with a prompt.

This week we had a picture and a few random words to incorporate in to our story. 

Here is my story:

*bid* *ensure* *promise* *time* *walk*

Flowers for Fiona

Fiona answered the doorbell.  Standing on the porch was a florist with a beautiful bouquet of flowers, passing them over to Laura he wished her a lovely day. 

Fiona took the card from the bouquet and placed the medley of white flowers in the sink to give them a good drink of water.

‘I promise to love you all my life.’

That was weird.  Who on earth would send her flowers with such a message? She was newly divorced and enjoying her freedom from the restrictions her marriage had placed upon her.  She knew it wouldn’t be her ex – he was off to pastures new, newer than the one he left her for.  She didn’t think Ken would ever grow up and face up to the responsibilities of holding down a job and a relationship.  That’s what comes of being a spoilt brat with money left to him from his family.

She returned to her computer to complete the particular piece of work just in time to sit down for some lunch.  Enjoying her sandwich, her peace was interrupted by the chimes of the doorbell.  Standing at the door was the same delivery driver, beaming from ear to ear. 

‘Somebody thinks highly of you,’ he grinned at her.

Fiona was slightly taken aback but she accepted the flowers gratefully.  This time the card read:

‘I will ensure you have a life of pleasure.’

 What was she going to do?  This was getting creepy.

She found some vases and arranged the flowers; the smell was so fragrant and hit her olfactory nerves just right.  She shrugged off the feeling of somebody watching her, checking through the patio windows she couldn’t see anybody in the garden, there was nobody loitering on the street, she even looked through the spare bedroom window into next door’s garden to see if there was anybody there.   Nobody. 

Fiona shrugged it off but it played on her mind all afternoon.  She finished her work for the day, ordered a Chinese take-a-way meal to be delivered and poured herself a glass of red wine while she waited for her food to come.

A restless night ensued where she tossed and turned thinking about those messages on the bouquets and who on earth would be sending her such things. 

Waking up rather bleary eyed, she jumped in the shower ready to start her day.  No sooner had she sat at the computer than the doorbell rang.  Her heart pounding, Fiona opened the door to find a female delivery driver holding a huge bunch of flowers.  They were thrust in to her hands as the woman then hightailed it back to her van.  Fiona strained to see if the van had a logo of any description on it but no such luck.

Another bunch of beautiful white roses, this time the card read:

‘If you were a lot in an auction I would out-bid everybody for your hand.’

The doorbell chimed again, another bouquet, a different driver, male this time. 

‘I will love you until the end of time.’

A bit later another bouquet arrived, this time the message said:

‘I will walk with you for ever.’

Fiona had had enough.  She contacted the police who took her seriously.  After a few weeks the culprit was detained.  It turns out it was a young lad working in the supermarket where Fiona shopped.  He didn’t realise what he had done was frightening and scary to Fiona.  He only wanted the chance to meet her and go out with her.  He didn’t realise he was classed as a stalker. 

Fiona slept well for the first time in weeks but she now can’t stand the smell of fresh flowers. 

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