Wednesday, 8 April 2020

Hodgepodge Wednesday 8 April 2020

It's time for the weekly Hodgepodge questions and answers, hosted by the lovely Joyce. 

If you want to join in

Hodgepodge Questions-Volume 363

1.        How will you celebrate Easter this year?

So very differently from last year when we hosted a family dinner, roast beef and all the trimmings with a home-made raspberry cheesecake for dessert and unusually for Easter the weather was beautiful.

Roast beef, Yorkshire puddings and all the trimmings

Home-made Raspberry cheesecake

This year it will just be hubby and myself.  I’ll be ringing my family.

Oh, we might indulge in an Easter Egg or two.

2.       Is it easier for you to receive grace offered or extend grace to another? Explain.

Not quite sure whether I’ve ever received grace but I always try to extend grace to others.
I think the word ‘grace’ means something different to me.

 I had an aunt whose name was Grace, a lovely lady.
My granddaughter’s name is Grace, a lovely young lady who will turn 16 in June, but although she is lovely and beautiful and kind hearted, unfortunately, she is not very graceful.  Hopefully she still has time to achieve this – she’s nearly 6’ tall and towers above me.

3.      Do you say grace before meals? If so, do you have a standard dinnertime grace or is it more 'off the cuff’? Do you say grace when dining out? Do you have a favourite grace? Any special memory associated with 'saying grace'?

Sorry, folks never have said grace before meals.

4.     What are some challenges you think the next generation will face? (Generation Alpha-born between 2011 and 2025)

Oh my, this could turn in to quite an essay but I think I’ll just say I’m pretty worried about the next generation and all the challenges they will be facing.

5.      Share a favourite quote or lyric featuring the word faith.

I don’t have a favourite quote or a lyric but I certainly have faith in my love for my husband, faith in my family and my love for them and faith that ‘somehow’ we will all survive this horrible and unprecedented time we are all going through. 

My grandmother’s name was Faith, a hard-working, loyal, faithful woman who didn’t have an easy life or much money. 

Along with looking after her father and elder brother from the age of 13 after her mother passed away, she married at 16.

She looked after her invalid husband and then her youngest son who became bedridden in his late 20’s until he passed aged 50.  She lived in the same village all her life – it was more of a hamlet really although it boasted a pub and a church.

At age 16 she had long ginger hair.
My grandmother, Faith, at 16 years old

6.      Insert your own random thought here..

I hate putting fuel in my car and will do anything to get somebody else to do it, normally my hubby.   He filled my tank up the week before lock down and that tankful of fuel will last us for the next six months as I’m only going out once a week to collect groceries.

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