Monday, 19 May 2014

Hallucination - WWBH Short story

This week's Blog Hop is to write a 500 word story around the following two pictures:

The rules are as follows:

1) Try to keep your word count down to around 500 – no worries, we’re not counting. Just try to keep from getting too lengthy.

2) You must use the above 2 pictures this week 

3) Link your story up using Leanne's, Debb's or Tena's websites.  Stories submitted will be announced in next week’s blog hop kick-off

4) This is most important… Have fun with this and let those creative juices flow
This week we have two pictures.  As per rules above, you must incorporate both pictures into your story (and please try to keep within, or close to, the 500 word limit – really makes it easier for people to read if not too lengthy & we are doing short stories here.

Here is my story:

Driving along the motorway on automatic pilot, Carol blinked her eyes a few times.  She was hallucinating, all she could see was COFFEE, big and bold letters, it couldn't be in front of her.  That would be ridiculous to be following a lorry of coffee.  Shaking her head Carol squinted as the summer haze blurred the letters; she pressed on the accelerator and edged a little close.  

Yes that was a tanker lorry full of COFFEE.  Coffee, could she stop soon and have a cup of coffee?  She could taste it, smell it, savour it on the tip of her tongue, tantalising, her lips hovering over the rim of a coffee cup.

The blaring of a car horn brought her back into the present and out of her daydream.  She had wandered over the lanes.  She must concentrate, a cup of coffee would revitalise her and put some energy in to her body and make her more alert.  

Thank goodness, there was a sign for the services, she couldn’t quite see how far as the vans and utility trucks on the inside were blocking her view.  It couldn’t be too far away.  She had been driving for nearly two hours.  She had to stop soon for some refreshments. 
Pulling over to the nearside lane ready to leave the motorway Carol noticed the tanker with COFFEE written on the back was also going to take a break.  At least that would mean the coffee would be fresh. 

Ensconced at a little table in the furthest corner of the  self service cafĂ© with a large cup of coffee and a jam and cream scone Carol put the cup to her nose and smelt the delicious aroma, just as the delectable perfume reached her brain her phone rang. 

She looked down, smiling at the caller’s number.  It was a text message.  She pulled it up and was greeted by the sight of Bella sitting on the arm of the sofa patiently looking up into her husband’s face. 

That adorable little cat was the pride of their family, a spoilt girl who ruled the roost.  They knew who was boss in their house.  A meow or a purr or sometimes a silly little squawk would get Carol and Rob guessing what she wanted.  Bella made her wishes known, whether she wanted feeding, stroking, pampering or just attention; their adorable cat would be the mistress of their home no matter what.  

Carol replied to the text saying she was just enjoying a cup of coffee after following a Coffee Tanker for several miles on the motorway.  Rob replied saying she was obviously hallucinating as, to his knowledge; coffee didn't travel well in tankers, only petrol and pesticides so she must be careful she wasn't drinking contaminated coffee. 

He was a laugh-a-minute was her Rob and she was so glad she’d married him last Easter; texting was as good as a conversation these days, wasn't it?

Word count: 490


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  2. Sorry Sally.... I made a typo in my first comment so I deleted it. I'll try to do better this time. I'm amazed at how you can take two pictures and tie them together in a cute little story. I'm a fan of yours.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I always enjoy hearing from you. Hugs, Lura

  3. Bella sounds just like one of our cats, Rachael. Very nice story!

  4. I was so curious as to how you would wrap the kitty picture in when Carol was so enamored with the coffee tanker. You did an excellent job! A text was perfect! Glad she wasn't driving when the picture came through!

    Well done, Sally!

  5. Very refreshing. It motivates me to brew a pot right now.