Tuesday, 5 November 2013

The Bench - WWBH Short Story

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Your mandatory words:
Day, vowel, stool, spaceship, calm


Eileen finished doing the dishes, for a few moments she watched the wind blow the colourful leaves from the trees as they swirled on to the ground. She loved the brisk autumnal weather with its stark, bare trees. It was a lovely day to go for a walk.  Eileen dialled her daughter.  The phone rang a few times before Mary answered in her usual breathless and hurried way. 

‘Oh mum, I can’t talk now; I’ve got to calm the situation down.’

‘I’ll be right over.’  She donned her tweed jacket, checked the pockets for her gloves, pulled on sturdy walking boots and clamped her grey fur hat on over her tight curls.  A trip to the hairdressers was due next week to keep those wayward strands in line.  She loved the little stool they used to help her up to the sink.  It made her laugh that because her hair was silver they thought she needed a helping hand.  She could walk for miles in the park with a little help from her stick. 

She glanced round the house checking windows were closed and made her way to her car.   Ten minutes later she drew up outside Mary’s house.  She heard her grandsons from the path outside.

Ben and Matt ran up and down the hallway shouting at the top of their voices.  Mary couldn't control them. Her husband was no better when he came home, making things worse in his officious way, enunciating every consonant and vowel, treating everybody as though they were stupid.  Why she ever married him and had kids with him Eileen would never understand. 

‘Shall I take them out to the park?’

Mary sighed, holding back the tears.  ‘I don't know how to get them to stay still for even a minute, mum.  I’m at my wit’s end.’
Eileen took her daughter into her arms.  Mary felt the strength and love emanating from her mother.  The patting on the back was reassuring if a little patronising. 

Eileen clapped her hands together, stopping the boys arguing over whose turn it was to hold the spaceship.  Ben, older by ten months was slightly stronger than his brother but Matt was tenacious and kept a tight grip. 

Mary put her hand out; sheepishly the boys placed the toy into her hands.  She placed it on the sideboard and bent down and gathered the boys close into her, snuggling them up against her matronly bosom. 

‘Let’s go to the park.  I’ll sit on the bench and you can collect lots of conkers.   Mummy can have a couple of hours by herself.’
Matt and Ben eyed each other.  This would be a treat.  They would probably get some sweets from granny.  They nodded vigorously. 
‘Quietly!’ Eileen called after them, as they scampered away to collect their outdoor clothing, 

Her years of experience in the classroom stood her in good stead; she still retained authority in the tone of her voice.  

Word count: 492


  1. I wondered how you'd fit "spaceship" in! Lovely story. ☺

  2. Nicely done Sally. So homey :)


  3. Lovely sweet story ... I like the idea of a mum helping her daughter out with her kids ... I love these writing challenges, but words like 'spaceship' for me are so difficult to incorporate! Nicely done!

  4. Very cute way to get the word spaceship in to the story. Well done Sally...