Tuesday, 5 February 2013


This is my contribution to the "Overcoming Adversity" Bloghop, hosted by writer and blogging friend, Nick Wilford. We need to write a piece (maximum 500 words) on the theme of  overcoming adversity.
The entries will be compiled into an anthology with all proceeds going to help fund Nick's stepson, Andrew,  who has cerebral palsy, who hopes to attend a specialist college  but reaching this dream has been difficult.
They always said try looking for the silver lining
For goodness sakes do stop moaning
So she clamped her jaw and gritted her teeth together
She smiled and smiled giving a false picture
Her jaw ached and her cheekbones seemed set
Her feet were stuck, her mind encased in concrete
They didn't understand, they were always too busy
Living their own lives always so very greedy
They didn't see the lonely hours she spent on her own
When her baby was sleeping safe and sound
She didn't regret her decision in becoming a single mum
Or losing her teenage years that were supposed to be filled with fun
She began to study at a local college although it was harder than she thought
She had to stop as the timing wasn't right and she became overwrought.
The years moved on and she entered into a new and loving relationship
Going well she thought until he lost his job and they spiralled into hardship
The crunch came; he tried to bully and browbeat her down to his level
They argued and fought fiercely and he thought he’d won the battle
The hurtful words hurled through the air fell on her ears and landed in her mind
Sometimes she wanted to press that button on her life and rewind and rewind
She took a deep breath, squared her shoulders and held her head up high
Her goals were attainable; someday she would reach the point where she didn’t cry
She put herself through college again and earned her accountancy qualifications
She was on the right road again heading towards the T-junction, finding her directions
The touch paper was lit as she plucked up courage to step away from a bad situation
It caused some anger on the other part and on her part some uncalled for contrition
She stepped out in to the big wide world and took a chance at expanding her horizons
She took the big step, a leap of faith, looking forward to a new beginning that beckons
Then with no warning they decided she didn't fit job the description after her probation period
They had to let her go, another bubble burst but a few days later she need not have doubted
Another job was available although travelling was involved she found convenient child care
She worked hard and thought she was getting along fine so it certainly wasn’t fair
When they said they would have to let her go just before her three month trail ended
Another deep breath, she dusted herself down, it’s the economic climate that left her stranded
She knows she will work it out and things will improve but until then she has bills to pay
So somehow, someway, things will improve and fortune will start going her way.

Word count: 470


  1. Such a noble cause! I hope it's a big success for Nick's sake as well as his son's.

  2. I actually wrote a poem for this blogfest but changed my mind about posting it at the last minute. You do this so well. Lovely poem, Sally. (:

  3. The journey through life has so many ups and downs, challenges and obstacles -- we are all formed by the fire.

    Well done!

  4. 'Waves hi from the bloghop' :)

    Very nice poem.....yes, if only we did have some sort of reset button...life might be a bit easier.

  5. Kind of an anthem for a lot of people over the last few years. And that's how I think of adversity, as something that is chronic and ongoing, but that might one day be overcome. Well done.

  6. I was swept right along with this, Sally, willing that things would turn out well for her. A reminder of the kind of struggles many of us are dealing with on an everyday basis.

    Excellent job! Thanks for taking part in the fest. :)

  7. I guess a lot of people have gone through this same thing as the economic climate gets harsher. You gotta admire her attitude.

  8. This was a wonderful entry. Thank you for adding to what has been an uplifting day with all these stories! :)

  9. This is amazing and beautiful! I love it!

  10. Powerful entry. So much hardship and yet optimistic at the same time. I admire that.

  11. Hey, thanks for sharing this. I love some of your rhymes and how the lines start off relatively short and simple and then get longer and more convoluted as they go - sort of like life and adversity that way.

  12. Sally, it is lovely to see a poem amongst the entries. Very powerfully written.

    (Have you seen that our prompt is up at RFW? Fan fiction? Should be great.)

  13. Great post!
    Thanks for visiting my blog. :)

  14. Well done--there will always be adversities to overcome, but there will also always be triumphs. Life is just a cycle of ups and downs, but it's how we fight through them that matters... Great job on this...

  15. That was a very beautiful poem! I'm loving all these entries. :)

  16. You wrote about a real fighter! nice job.

  17. She's a real fighter I hope soon things go her way.

  18. Adversity is the painful cushion that makes our life worth living. Absolutely enjoyed this!

  19. This struck a familiar cord - I love the fighter in her!

  20. So much strength in this poem. Thank you for sharing!

  21. Oh boy what a journey. But I love her endurance and strength.

  22. Sadly, powerfully realistic. I love the poetry format!

  23. Such a fighter! I admire her strength.