Wednesday 14 November 2012


Today is the 13th of November already which means it's time for Kathy and Jess to give us the Knights of MicroFiction Prompt.

The prompt is:  In 300 words or less write a scene where the main character realizes he/she is thankful for something.  Include the words "turkey" and "Mayflower" (this could be May flowers too or other creative variations).

You have until 11:59 pm on November 15th to post your entry.  Sign up on the Linky List  Can't wait to read what you come up with.  :)

Lilian began to pant, her breathing became ragged, she arched her back and bit down on her bottom lip.  The pain eased off and she straightened up slowly.  The hum of the fan assisted oven droned on in the background, the computer was playing Christmas songs non-stop on a loop that her husband had set up. 
I can't have this baby today, she thought with dread.  The turkey still needs another couple of hours to cook.  Her husband had just left the house to pick up her mother from the other side of town, so she would wait until they came back. 
It would be just her luck to have this baby while everybody was out, she thought as she gritted her teeth through another contraction.  
A knock came on the back door and as it opened she saw her neighbour, May, walking in with a bouquet of flowers in her hand, smiling, glad that she had been invited to join them.
“Oh my, my dear flower,” she said, “looks like I came just in time.  Now, let’s get you comfortable and sitting in the rocking chair.”
“Thank you for coming early,” Lilian grunted through another contraction.
Half an hour later her husband and her mother walked in through the kitchen, calling out as they divested themselves of their outer garments.  
May was at the kitchen sink washing some dishes; she turned and said, ‘Your Christmas present is in the other room with your wife!”
Dave and his mother-in-law hurried through, shock registering on their faces. 
“Wow!” Dave exclaimed with tears running down his face. 
“Lilian,” whispered her mum, “she’s adorable.”
Wrapped in a white cot blanket, her snub nose peeking out and a shock of black hair sticking up all over her head was Holly, a surprise Christmas baby.


  1. What a sweet story—and picture!

  2. Aww the story is so cute! :) Love the picture too!

  3. Nice swept me right in there.

    I do love your blog!!

  4. And all without Santa. Neat story Sally and an ideal Festive Flash Fiction.

  5. I know I'm only echoing what others have already said, but I really loved this! (:

  6. What a beautiful Christmas present! Lovely story :)