Wednesday 7 November 2012


100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week#65
This week Julia has given us a picture and we can let our imaginations wander about the significance or otherwise of an ORANGE SPOT or what it may represent!
As usual it is just 100 words.

The marker was an orange spot
On the bark of a tree an ugly blotch
No idea of which direction to take
Her legs hurt and her back ached
No arrows or pointers to show her the way
She stood and looked at the sky turning grey
Scanning the copse she stood still and listened
To the hum of traffic in the distance and felt heartened
She made a decision, stepped round the tree
Blinking she closed her eyes and opened them to see
In the distance she recognised a landmark
Thankfully she would be home now before dark


  1. Just goes to show that even the littlest landmark can show us the way!

  2. You know, this could be the start to a much longer piece....hummm... (:

  3. A hopeful story. I like the cheerful rhythm.

  4. Like the way you wrote in poetic form. Nice use of the prompt