Wednesday, 7 July 2021

 Joining in with Words for Wednesday 

This July, the host for Words for Wednesday is

Words for Wednesday is started by Delores and now is hosted by various people on various blogs. The aim of Words for Wednesday is to encourage us to write using some or all of the prompts.

This week the prompt words are:

1. orphan
2. island
3. farm
4. brother
5. freckles
6. red-haired
7. imagination
8. friend
9. charm
10. Home

Here is my short story using all the words.

Orphan Annie came home after leaving her job on the farm.  She couldn’t stand her red-haired friend’s brother teasing her about her own freckles.  Lisa told her Nick had a lot of charm and charisma but honestly, thought Annie, that must have been in her wildest imagination or maybe it was just sibling loyalty. 

So, here she was again, in the bosom of her family, her haven, her go-to when the going got tough.  It was her island of peace where she could recoup, relax and recharge her batteries.  


  1. Hi Sally - I've used some of the words ...

    "Home from home … the orphan finally returned – her brother didn’t recognise her – when had she had red hair? But as always he was charmed by his sister … they settled in as the wonderful friends they’d been - letting their imagination wander … his about the farm and its changes; hers about life away … where would their lives lead."

    Your short story - nearly similar stories ... so good to read about the recharging ... cheers Hilary

  2. Dear Sally, thanks for this little reminder that there is no place like home. Wishing you a pleasant and fruitful summer in your own haven of peace.

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