Friday 16 April 2021


CBWC: Smaller than a Bread Box or Bread Bin

This week our topic is Smaller than a Bread Box or Bread Bin.

Be creative if you feel like it, and fun with this challenge this week. Remember your photos needs to be black and white, desaturated, sepia (brown tones) or selective color.  

Here is my selection:

Various old fashioned kitchen utensils at Bateman's house in East Sussex

Trio of mushrooms

Place setting

Two fairies on a bench

Small pot of strawberry preserve 


  1. I think everything combined would fit into a bread box. Well done :D

  2. Congratulations! I have selected your post to be featured on CBWC.
    I hope you have a fantastic weekend.

  3. Very nice little trinkets. Love the old utensils. I actually have some that belonged to my grandmother. :)