Thursday, 28 July 2016


I've joined Wednesday Writers, a weekly creative writing exercise hosted by the lovely Deb at her blog Inner Sunshine

Every week Deb will provide a prompt to get our creative choices flowing.

These are the guidelines Deb wants us to follow:

Anyone is welcome to submit, whether you have your own blog or not.  Please email your story to at any time.  Entries received by Monday afternoon at 5:00 will be posted on Wednesday morning.  Entries received after this time will be saved for posting on the next Wednesday.
  • I hope to post the theme for the next Wednesday Stories each Thursday.   Prompts to center your story around will either be two unrelated photos OR one photo and five unrelated words that are to be incorporated into your story.

  • Rough drafts are welcome, as I will be glad to play editor (and of course, give proper credit for each story I receive).

  • In keeping with the theme of this blog, violence/abuse/hatred stories will not be posted.

  • Stories can be short, but there will be a limit of 500 words.  At first, I chafed at having to restrict myself to 500 words, but soon I found it to be a good writing discipline.  I learned how to tell a complete story in less words.  🙂  Another factor is, stories with more than 500 words tend to tire a reader.

  • If you have any questions about Wednesday Stories, please email me at

This week we have two photos as our prompt.



She never thought her sister would do it.  Leave the city and become a country girl but that is apparently what ‘love’ does for you.   Mary was still amazed that Lynn had met the gentleman farmer, online of all places, for their first date he had travelled in to the city, the second date Lynn had gone back to his village.

It seemed as though Lynn never returned to the city although of course she did.  Mary remembered the conversation with her sister very well.  It was unusual for the two of them to get together mid-week with their really busy schedules, working late in to the evenings most nights but the text message had seemed urgent somehow.

They met at eight o’clock that night, the drinks were ordered and placed before them on the slightly sticky and tacky table in the pub.  Mary had shown her disgust at the state of the place by wrinkling her nose.  When Lynn spoke she was taken aback by her first words.

‘I’ve resigned my job.  I’m getting married next month.’  

The words had come out of her sister’s mouth all in a rush, as she had nervously licked her lips while she looked at Mary for her response.  The laughter wasn’t what she’d expected.

Mary had taken a big gulp of her red wine, shook her head disbelievingly, stared at her sister who just stared back, daring her to contradict her.

‘Of course you are.  What are you going to do when you are married, then?’

Lynn launched into an explanation of how she’d met Alan online, how he farmed in the Yorkshire Dales and how she had found her soul mate. 

Mary had spluttered, ‘but you’ve only known him a few weeks.  How on earth can you be so sure?’

Lynn explained that the weekend she spent in the fresh country air, no car fumes, no noise, well just the sound of birds singing, cocks crowing and being taught how to look after sheep was just the change of direction she needed in her life.  So much so that she was going on a course to find out more about fleecing a sheep and using the fleece afterwards. 

‘What on earth would you do with a smelly sheep’s fleece?’  Mary had ordered a bottle of wine by this time to help her take in her sister’s news.

‘You’ll have to come to my wedding to find out,’ was her sister’s reply.

Three months later, in a field full of grass and daisies, Mary found herself snapping a picture of her sister in her wedding dress.

Mary’s eyes filled with tears of happiness and regrets that she had to return to the big city to continue in the rat race.  Although, Alan had a nice hunky cousin as his best man, so maybe things could be looking up.  After all if her sister could become a farmer’s wife she didn’t see why she couldn’t either. 

word count: 498


  1. That's quite a dress!

    Nice piece. I'm glad Mary is on the path to happiness, too.

  2. Cute story; glad Lynn decided to pursue the love of her life even if it meant a change of scenery.


  3. The bride and sheep are dressed alike!

  4. Dear Sally: thank you for posting the submission guidelines for Wednesday Stories. I'm interested in the other writing challenges you participate in...maybe I'll sign up too!

    Dear Sally, The Armchair Squid, Betty, and Wendy: I liked reading your comments on Sally's story, which I enjoyed very much too. If you're interested, the place to email your stories to has been changed on my blog to: Once I get the email addresses to all the parts of my blog fixed, I will let you know. :) Cheers! Hope to see you again. (I'll sign up for Sally's blog too)