Wednesday, 13 May 2015

THE DECISION - Friday Fictioneers

The next picture is the PHOTO PROMPT. Does it speak to you? Tell us a story in a hundred words or less. 


Standing silently amidst the burnt grass, brown now from the scorching of the sun rays that had relentlessly beat down from a brilliant blue sky.  The hardship was here again for another year, another season of poor crops, drought and pessimism.  

Arthur tilted his cap back as he scratched his scalp, pondering on the landscape his pale blue eyes had seen many seasons come and go, many were poor, only a few yielded a harvest to feed his family.  He pictured Millicent back at the farmhouse.  He knew they couldn't take any more.  He would tell her his decision tonight.

Word count: 100


  1. Very tight and succinct. I can see the brown-ness and feel the drought. I'm not a fan of the dryness or the heat. . .well done!
    I will check out the site for info on Friday Fictioneers. I'm missing the old WEP prompts. . .

  2. Nice picture prompt. I always over-write. Hard to tell a story in 100 words. You did well Sally.

  3. "A season of pessimism"-- says it all!

  4. I'm guessing he's going to sell up and move to the city. Very sad after all those years.

  5. We are losing so many family farms to corporate farming. You really drove that home here. Well done.

  6. Awesome use of the word constraints :) I really enjoyed it

  7. Neat story.
    AnElephant is a simple soul, and struggles with the punctuation in the first and third sentences.

  8. Having to give up after so many years, what a sad decision. The character's feelings are very clear, and the description brings me right into the scene. Great story.

  9. Dear Sally,

    Not an easy decision.



  10. Not easy to do Sally but you've got so much description and emotion here. Well done you!

    Denise :-)