Tuesday, 10 March 2015


Here is the short version of our Writer Wednesday Blog Hop rules:

1) Use the photo and words provided to write a 500-word story–please incorporate both photos and link back to the Writer Wednesday Blog Hop.

2) Keep your word count 500 or less (or a few more words if they’re needed).

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The photo prompt is courtesy of Leanne

Mandatory words:

Here is my story:


Kate looked around the kitchen, gave the counter top one last wipe, checked the oven with the lasagne inside that was heating up nicely, the salad was prepared and chilling in the fridge, the dressing ready to hand on the side, the French baguette was on the bread board ready for slicing, the butter at room temperature, the wine bottle, bought at an extravagant cost from *The Chapel Down Winery, a local vineyard, unusual in England and not always the best wine but part of the evening’s entertainment.

It was a year ago that she was in Paris with Luke, a last minute weekend trip that he whisked her away on. It was such a romantic gesture; Luke was very good at the big gestures, larger than life but it didn't last, not once it was back to the living day-to-day stuff.  

Luke had wined and dined her and they strolled along the streets of Paris, her arm pulled through his, she remembered the ripple of his muscles that sent tingles along her skin.  It was so romantic.  They sauntered along the paths and then on to a bridge with padlocks entwined through the grills.  They stopped and stared reading everyone that they could.  

Everybody had taken on the romance of the gestures, padlocks with the names of couples on them, there were pictures of weddings, boys and girls with their arms around each other, even older and even more mature couples had joined in the fun.  What great stories were encased in those thoughts and hopes and dreams for the future lives of those hopeless romantics, pictures had been taken and circulated all over Facebook and social media.  Kate and Luke even took a ‘selfie’ and posted it.

Kate poured herself half a glass of wine, just to sip while the hands on the kitchen clock slowly moved around to the appointed hour.  Luke would be late, he always was.  She’d bought him a fantastic watch to help with his time-keeping but that hadn’t worked.  He never wore it; he said he could use his phone to see what the time was. 

How he kept down such a fantastic job in the city she didn't know but he was a rising star in his firm although she could see the toll it was taking on him.  There were many occasions when he stayed over, she would watch him sleeping peacefully next to her and as she studied his face she could see the frown lines on his forehead deepening as every month passed.

This evening was going to change their lives.  It wouldn’t be a grand, romantic gesture but it would be a loving escalation of their partnership.  She couldn’t wait to tell him and didn't know how she could wait even a minute longer.  

His key turned in the lock. One look at his face and her dreams shattered.

‘The firm has gone bust.’  Luke shook as he told her.   

She held out her arms, her news would have to wait.

Word Count: 503


  1. Great characterisation here. I feel like I'm involved in their lives and want to read on!

  2. I have read enough of your stories to know there's some surprising twist coming. I've begun trying to guess. I missed this one by a mile! I thought for sure he was going to be a jerk, married maybe.

  3. Oh man! What's the big news? A baby? :) That was my guess. Great job, Sally.

    (By the way, I love the name Luke.)

  4. Oh! Dang it. Is she pregnant?

    Kathy M.