Thursday, 30 May 2013


100 Word Challenge – Week#91
Posted on May 27, 2013 by jfb57

Julia says: this week’s prompt came from nowhere really:
…there’s always a sting in the tail….
You may play with the spelling of Tail / Tale if it helps!
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Scorpion like she stalked her prey
Pulled up Facebook every day
Looked through friends of friends lists
To make sure there was nobody she missed
She'd been hurt by too many people before
She hid the papers in her underwear drawer
He said, there’s always a sting in the tail
This was one mission she would not fail
It wouldn’t be honourable
She was not an angel
The black mark against her name
It would bring her family shame
Her children would wonder
They would guess and ponder
It really is better this way
Not tomorrow but today
They will not forget
She will not regret.


  1. Loved this, what a fun rhyme.

  2. Mysterious! Nice work. :)

  3. Whoa! Very intriguing. I'm wondering what it is exactly that she is going to do. I loved the looking through friends of friends list.

    Thanks so much for stopping by to visit me earlier this week, Sally.
    I hope that you have a wonderful weekend.

    Kathy M.

  4. Loved this! I've been looking at this particular writing prompt, maybe I'll join in on it soon.

    I wanted to nominate you for the Liebstar award. I've mentioned you on my last post so I hope you take a look and let me know if you will accept!

    Thanks, Sally!

  5. I would love to hear what she's up to - well done!