Wednesday, 16 January 2013


In 400 words or less, your character(could also be more than one), has a chance meeting with someone who will change their life.
Here is my entry:
Word Count: 396

She had to leave; she couldn’t take the drugs and gambling anymore
Living from hand to mouth, she had to protect their young daughter
After a few months a new man said you are the love of my life
I’ll take you into my home and treat you as my wife
It worked well for a couple of years he loved her girl as his own
But there was never enough money to go around.

She tried to help by working full time but it wasn't enough
They just couldn’t make ends meet life was so tough
Her new job was in an engineer’s office, so different to before
She thrived on the energy, the office banter, so much to explore
There were drinks at lunchtime in the wine bar, a glass of red
The afternoons flew by and then she went home and felt dead.

He paid her particular attention and soon her heart began to beat
Faster and faster as he asked her to check his spreadsheet
Time went on; he offered to help her work towards a promotion
She knew she was playing with fire, poking a smoking cauldron
She threw caution to the wind as he asked to see her one night
She had little resistance and didn't put up a fight.

Now she had to make the decision but would he stand by her
She was a package deal, both at once, her and her daughter.
She need not have worried because he came up true
She left her old life and the man before and said adieu
She told him she wanted more and life was too short
She nearly stayed when he cried desperate tears, so distraught.

She’d made her decision and steeled her heart
She’d given it to another and she had to depart
Her new bloke was good and kind and loved her dearly
He moved heaven and earth for her and praised her beauty
Then he came home from the office with wonderful news
He was offered an opportunity far away overseas.

Amid many obstacles of changing their lives
They had so many good reasons and motives
An abundance of tears dropped as they left family and friends
To start a new chapter of their life in fabulous New Zealand
Together they bring up her daughter with a love that has grown and deepened.


  1. I never thought of flash fiction in poetry form! Thanks for commenting on my entry.

  2. Oh that's really sweet! I love the ending. Thanks for joining us!

  3. Amazing how one person can make a difference. (:

  4. Finally, True Love, a happy ending -- no surprises. I needed that today!

    Great read!

  5. Love it when things go the way they should :)