Tuesday, 18 September 2012


100 word Challenge for Grown ups – Week#58
Posted on September 17, 2012 by Tanner
Julia says:
Keeping on the simple lines I’m going to start moving into the change of season. It is not quite autumn here in the UK but there is a nip in the air at night and first thing in the morning.
The prompt this week is:
….as the apple fell….
As usual, you have 100 words to add to the 4 above. The linky will close at midnight on 24th September. If you are befuddled and bemused by all this, have a read of ‘What is 100WCGU?’ and hopefully some of the mist will clear. If not, leave a comment below or tweet me (@jfb57) and I’ll help you out.
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A peaceful feeling came over her as she leant against the tree
Enjoying the soft whisperings of the gentle end-of-summer breeze
She continued reading the historical romance she favoured
Enjoying the part where the heroine was about to be rescued
A heartfelt sigh left her mouth as she thought if only that could be me
She glanced up through the wafting leaves as the apple fell from the tree
She peered at her watch, another five minutes of peace and quiet
Time for one more guilty pleasure, she felt in her pocket
A whipped milk chocolate and fondant filling topped with a walnut.


  1. Thge last few minutes of peace at the school gate? Surely it should be 'the crumbliest flakiest chocolate' or the one that has you 'wafting to paradise'? :-) actually you're probably far too young to know what i'm on about!

  2. Ha ha ha - Excellent - I haven't had a walnut whip in ages - they are yummy!

  3. good book and good chocolate -- what could be better?

  4. Great description of a few minutes of sheer indulgence!

    lucidgypsy - I know what you're on about! My dream job when I was younger was "Cadbury's Flake Girl!

  5. Reading under a tree in summer and eating chocolate. Pleasure indeed.

  6. I agree with ablogdog - nothing could be better than reading in the summer under a tree and eating chocolate. Very nicely written.

  7. Books and chocolate: the perfect combination!

  8. That indeed is what I call pleasure :)

  9. That sounds delightful on all fronts.