Thursday, 17 May 2012

RFW Challenge No 39 Appreciating the Zealotry


Well it's time for APPRECIATING THE ZEALOTRY. The purpose of this challenge is to re-post a favourite post you wrote in April that perhaps many people did not get to read due to the craziness of the month. It doesn't have to necessarily be a romantic post - just go with your favourite, whatever that was - a story, a post about writing, a guest post

This is my personal favourite


Daddy’s girl is in pain
Wishing for his love in vain
She is so disappointed
At always being bated
Reviled and hated
For being related

Her love has been blighted
Thrown away and discarded
His fickle emotions flaunted
Fleeting and unspoken

Blood is not thicker than water
You won't fight for your daughter
They’ve fought this battle and won
Will you fight to keep your son?

The thought of not being wanted
Turned against, words slanted
Try as she might
She has no more fight

She gave and gave and gave
Until there is no give left anymore
She’d take him back with open arms
But he won't give up the other’s false charms

There is only so much pain to endure
They are all so cocksure
But in the end she has no allure
Compared to those who are more immature

To lose her father isn’t her fault
But she is battered from the assault
Hoping against hope he will realise his mistake
And reach out to mend her heartache.

K is for Kathryn


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  3. Hi,

    RFW challenger here! Nice to meet you...

    This oh so sad, so sweet, and beautiful prose! Never easy for kids when dad's are led astray.


  4. There's a lot of pain and bitterness in the character's point of view. Quite a sad piece.

  5. Dear Sally,
    Very deep, emotional and sad. Great piece of writing.

  6. Hi Sally. Somehow my comment has disappeared. I came back for some reason and see it's not here. Anyway, you write a beautiful poem even though the sadness is palpable. I feel so sorry for that little girl. I think perhaps Anna felt it a little too strongly. So much pain in your words.

    Thank you for sharing in the blogfest. I hope you will write for us when we get back to our 'normal' challenges. First is on June 1st. Details on the RFW site.


    1. Thanks Denise. I look forward to 1st June!

  7. It's a sad poem that gives me pause. Most of us will be grateful for our dear fathers and feel regret fro those less fortunate.

  8. So much pain and bitterness for a man that should have treasured his daughter. It twists my heartstrings.

    Thanks for participating in the RFW challenge Salley. Hope to see more of your poetry at the site :)


  9. That really made me feel for this young woman. Well written! Makes me so thankful for the dad I have! Hoping there will be a happy ending.

  10. How lucky some people are to have a good relationship with their father. I'm at peace now because I connected with mine before he died.

  11. Beautiful. One time, when I was young and my mother was still alive, we were on a boating trip. She became overwhelmed with feelings of regret and bitterness over the father she wished she'd had. . . this poem reminded me of that difficult day. Very poignant.

  12. What a sad story beautifully expressed.

    An A to Z Co-Host
    Tossing It Out

  13. What a beautiful piece, sad but beautiful x