Tuesday, 30 April 2013

A - Z APRIL 2013 - Z

(Zumba instructor from nearby town)

Twice a week she drove for a quarter of an hour
Through the back lanes parallel to the River Stour
From the large market town with its railway station
Fast express trains that could take her, on a whim, to London
Traversing the narrow country lanes with hedges so high
She goes through the routine lunging from feet to thigh
Motivating everyone to move in time to Latin music
Arms and legs into some sort of style, frantic, rhythmic
As she parked the car, she saw Winston pack up his gear
She’d love to follow his ‘chi’ to the pub or elsewhere
Never mind, she’d heard he was married with a kid
So she won't go there, she knows he’s off the grid
Her biological clock was ticking fast and furious
She knew time was flying by in her thirties
She was fit, active and quite a pretty young woman
She would not end up a lonely spinster and barren.


  1. She will find her match someday.
    Loved being introduced to so many great people. And thanks for visiting me daily. It's means a lot!

  2. Oh how much I would love to live but a train ride away from London.

    Congrats on making it through the challenge, Sally!

  3. Very clever Z! I'm glad she didn't chase the married man : ) I miss my train ride to London.

  4. I've met you on the last day but I get the feeling I've missed some really interesting villagers! Nice to meet you. I have a strange feeling I'll be getting my Zumba DVD out tomorrow morning - and it's about time! Yes I enjoyed the challenge too.

  5. I'm glad too she didn't go after Winston. I think she deserves better than that! I've enjoyed this little village and its inhabitants. Now grab that A to Z survivor badge!

  6. Sally, I've loved reading all your tales. Congrats on finishing the A to Z!

  7. Awesome! Congrats on finishing the A to Z!

  8. What a great name to garner some attention. And Sally I so enjoyed all your tales this year. You are so very talented and creative! Congratulations on finishing!

  9. Double Z! Good stuff. At this point I feel quite tired by the idea of doing Zumba, lol. I loved reading all your snapshots of these great characters - very well done!

  10. Enjoyed the verse! Will check back from time to time.

  11. I will need to start from A. I think I said that last time. Very creative way to do the A to Z!

    Jen Hemming and Hawing Again

  12. I've nominated you miss Sally for the Liebster and Very inspiring blogger awards.
    You can check them out at my site.
    No pressure in accepting just wanted to let you know that you are a lovely inspiring blogger who should keep on writing!
    I've enjoyed reading your blog and look forward to see more!
    Best regards
    Miss Bates

  13. I'm sad to see your daily posts at an end now. I've not had much time for commenting with a writhing, crying infant in my lap and a toddler tugging at my pants every time that I sit down to read blogs, but I made sure I read yours every day. Congratulations for finishing!

  14. What a fantastic month you've had, Sally! Writing everyday and interweaving these snippets of the lives of people through your prose is such a HUGE accomplishment!

    You managed to give each one of them a voice and leave us wanting more.

    I hope that we stay in touch once April is long past, and keep reading and encouraging each other because I know that I’ve benefited from being your blogging buddy and I hope you've benefited from being mine.

    Congrats you A to Z conqueror, you!

    Love, love, love,

  15. Great poem that says so much about dear Zinnia (great name, too). I'm rooting for her already.