Thursday, 11 April 2013

A - Z APRIL 2013 - J

(Sister-in-law of Graham and Carol, Kevin’s wife, mother of Xavier)

At last she didn't have to put a brave face on it
Carol said Xavier could stay with them for a bit
She knew she was falling to pieces
She couldn’t stop the vindictive voices
Telling her she was a bad wife and mother
Otherwise why would he abandon them for another?
Maybe she didn't go to the gym, became a drudge
Maybe she ate a bit too much cake and chocolate fudge
She’d fight and win her man back from that witch
She won’t stand the test of time and relieve his itch
She’d better wipe away her salty tears
Streaming down her cheeks as she faces her fears
Tomorrow she’d get her act together
The secret she was keeping might make him madder
On the other hand it could bring them joy and laughter
To know that after all these years she was expecting a daughter.


  1. That was a sweet one. :)

    -Fellow blogger from A to Z!

  2. So much said in that poem.

    I'm going back to catch up but love these posts!

    Thanks for stopping by mine!

  3. Visiting from the A-Z Challenge. Lovely poem. Thank you for sharing it :-)

  4. Someone's having a baby and a bit of a pity party I see!

  5. This poem catches the heartache of betrayal and reminds me of that age-old advice: To stay with 'him' for the sake of the children. Why would she compete with another woman for a man who will most likely stray to another woman yet? Your poem twists the issues deeper with that baby daughter. Ah, I hope we get to read 'the rest of the story'.

  6. As always, you capture so much in these short little stanzas. Really intense emotions and clear pictures of where the character is at in that moment. Really liking these.

  7. Such a bittersweet poem filled with joy and the bittersweet pill of betrayal. Brilliant!


  8. I agree with Kathy. This one is bittersweet. I'm so enjoying your poems, Sally!

  9. Oh, loving the little twist at the end