Friday, 19 April 2013

A - Z APRIL 2013 - Q

(Landlady of the village pub, wife of Roger, mother of Suzy)

Another splash of red lipstick, a touch of rouge across her cheeks
She patted down her hair pleased with this week’s
Trip to the hairdresser, her age she desperately tries to keep at bay
Pilates, Yoga, now going for Zumba and Tai Chi during the day
Her daughter came later in her life so look alike sisters they can’t be
She needs to accept her chronological age and not be so blowsy
Running a pub isn’t easy to say the least
They were freehold and not subject to a brewery lease
It brings its own headaches day-to-day balancing the books
With the hot headed temperament of the pub’s cooks
Their name was made on locally sourced food
Home cooked to perfection and highly valued.
The hours are long but she’s always ready with a smile
She sees a text from her daughter and opens her mobile.


  1. Oh I love that outdoor setting. Looks very "old world".

  2. Queenie sounds like she's really something!

  3. Yes, she sounds like she'd be a fun person to talk to!

  4. Sounds like my job, the hours are long...and I'm ready with a smile...

  5. Very real, like all all the other characters.