Thursday, 25 April 2013

A - Z APRIL 2013 - V

(Graham’s friend)

Hey, mate, fancy coming out for a pint
I’ll meet you in the pub about eight.
Vince knew he wouldn’t get a text reply
Graham wouldn’t resist a pint and a pie
He might bring Carol with him if she wasn't busy
He wished he could find a woman just as classy
They compared notes on their respective jobs and work
They moaned and groaned some and said what irked
Then they thanked their blessings for being employed these days
The double dip recession made it hard for people in lots of ways
The conversation moved around to food and lunch on Sunday
Vince was pleased to be invited to spend the day
A home cooked roast lunch with all the trimmings
A bottle of red wine in his hand would be quite fitting.


  1. Good food, good company. What more could you ask?

  2. Sounds like a good friendship between two great mates!

  3. Ah, sounds like they'll have a good time!

  4. Nothing like a bud to hang out with after a long day at work....

  5. I like Vince, good name sounds like a nice friend!

  6. I was just thinking I wish I had such a place and friend. Guess blogging and FB are supposed to suffice, but don't!