Saturday, 13 April 2013

(10 year old younger brother of Darren – Amber’s boyfriend)

Liam heard Darren leave the house to go to work
He heard his mum slam a cupboard door with a jerk
He would stay in his bedroom all night long
Trying to block out his mum’s drunken song
He held his cuddly bear close 
As he smothered his tears under the bedclothes
He remembered the lovely day last weekend
The day he spent with his brother and his girlfriend
He felt safe and secure with the two of them
As he dreamt of the future gazing in to water so calm
The ducks and swans swim around, heads hidden
He feels like that some days, looking for something to happen
His dad has come home; he can smell the cigarette smoke
He must keep quiet and not do anything to provoke
The two or three punches he will receive if he makes a noise
A punishment to bear that his father enjoys
One day he will run away
May be next year on his 11th birthday.


  1. So sad. I hope things get better for Liam.

    Have a great Saturday.

  2. How fast some children are forced to grow up through adversity is so sad. I like to think and pray that children like Liam have a much better time in the last two thirds of their life than the first third...

  3. That is awful. Poor Liam!


  4. Aw, my heart went out to poor Liam. That's a bad situation for him.

  5. So heartbreaking, really. That's a tough one to read.