Wednesday, 3 April 2013

A - Z April 2013 - C

(Amber’s mother, daughter of Bill and Ellen, wife of Graham)

Carol heard Amber’s key turn in the lock and sighed gently
She knew she was biased but her daughter was a beauty
Acknowledging her presence Carol started slicing the onion
The telephone rang; she wiped her hands on her apron
The dog was barking, the extractor fan hummed and groaned
She didn't want a double glazing salesman to come round
No matter how much it would save her in the future
She knew they were all just shysters.
She slung the phone down on the counter in frustration
No slamming the receiver on to the cradle in satisfaction.
When she was made redundant it was touch and go every day
Scrimping and scraping they got along with her severance pay
                   Working from home suits her down to the ground
She found the discipline to limit her time on Facebook and Twitter
Friends from all over the planet made her world bigger and better
Word processing, touch typing away to her heart’s content
She still finds time for her creative outlet
She isn’t lonely she tells herself over and over
She really doesn't miss the bitchy office banter
She is her own boss and sorts her day out accordingly
She doesn't commute on public transport or drive daily
It’s one of those life phases where ‘it’s all going good'
She’s waiting for the bubble to burst
Knowing it has to come and life will do its worst.


  1. Another great post! I love how intense your pieces are.
    Dani @ Entertaining Interests

  2. It really gets to her inner struggle of trying to be happy by doing things differently than everyone else.

  3. I love the idea that you use verse to tell a story and such an interesting story too.

  4. I agree with kmckendry. You've done a really good job of showing this person's inner struggle. Nice!

  5. A bubble is really only the way we view life. Good concept.

  6. Another well-drawn character Sally. It's going to be an interesting village.

  7. A wonderful character..Carol, in transition a bit of inner conflict. I like her!

  8. Hi Sally, nice to meet you!

    It's my first time to the site, I'm trying to get to everyone on the list by the end of the month.

    Someone else commented that this was an intense piece and I have to agree- there's wuite a lot emotion conveyed in that stream of sentences and you do a wonderful job of giving the piece momentum in its build-up to the end. Really great stuff there.

    I'll certainly be checking back as the month progresses!


  9. Awww. I know the feeling, when everything seems to be going fine and you're just "waiting for the bubble to burst."

  10. An interesting character with inner conflict. Hi, I am a new follower, from the A to Z challenge.

  11. Nice set up for all your characters. I wonder what lies in store for them...

  12. Hi, Sally,

    Great angst here ... She's trying to convince Gerald that she's happy, but she knows deep down the bubble will burst.

    Well done! Such an easy flow to your writing!

  13. What a creative way to intro a character. Carol is very interesting.

  14. You're great at telling a story in verse. Enjoyed this much!

  15. I truly love your way with words. Beautiful prose!

  16. Great stuff! You are a talented writer!

  17. Someone is always trying to sell you something, glad she's found her joy working from home, but loneliness had crept in!

    Wonderful job!